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Hello again and if you want to know what the Best Garment Steamers are available at present - then you are at the right place as we have compiled a list of the 10 best garment steamers for you to choose from which also includes some very low-price options that will definitely be of interest to you.

Firstly, what are the benefits…

These Garment steamers which are also known as clothes steamers, are a helpful appliance which can remove all the unwanted creases and wrinkles from your clothes. They are very easy to use with a quick set up and they are light-weight making them easy to move around. They even have the ability to remove the creases straight on the hanger so there is no need for the ironing board. Not only can they get rid of your wrinkles - they can also get rid of any unwanted smells and give your clothes a fresher look and feel about them.

One thing that is really beneficial is that fact that it can be used on a range of other different garments as well such as table linen and curtains and removing any unwanted dust particles or odors. If you dislike using Irons each week – then you definitely should check out a steamer to do the job in its place. Another benefit of course then is the fact that you do not need to buy an additional ironing board with your Iron.

Buying Tips for your Garment Steamer…

  • Customer Ratings - Choose wisely based on the level of positive customer ratings and avoid models that have a lot of negative feedback as they are bound to give trouble.
  • Price Range – Before you start, set the maximum price you are prepared to pay and stick to it.
  • Travel Steamer or Home Steamer - Think first of all of the places you are most likely to use a garment steamer and choose the model that will then suit your needs based on your movements and the amount of time you are based at home.
  • Energy Level – How much power will they be using and how much will it cost extra in your annual energy bills? Think also about this and select a model that won’t consume the maximum amount of energy and ideally a model that is Energy rated Certified.
  • Additional Features - Explore the range of additional features such as handles, steam settings and brushes but be aware that the more features you get – the higher the prices tend to be.

Operating and Maintenance Tips...

  • Heating: Don’t start until the steamer is fully heated up – this allows for best performance and results. You can test it on an old garment before you start to make sure it is ready to go.
  • Materials: Be careful with selected materials and always read the instructions carefully – for example silk should be done in the underside and keep a safe distance away when working with velvet.
  • Pressure: Don’t apply too much pressure - let the steamer do the work as intended and touch it gently with the steam head and wrinkles will start to disappear as it works it way through each of the fibers.
  • Safety: This appliance can also burn your hand so please be careful and treat the appliance with respect and never let children use or play with it.
  • Usage: You should steam the garments in an upright and vertical position – for example you should leave the curtain hanging on the rail and also your other garments hanging up in a vertical position.
  • Water Level: The water container should always be kept liquidized and never let it run on the dry – don’t overfill it either as it will lead to unnecessary spills and should be used in the upright position.
  • Emptying: When you are finished using the steamer, always make sure to plug it out and also empty out any leftover water before storing it away.
  • Maintaining: To prevent and limescale or minerals building up in your steamer – use distilled water as this will stop the build-up of deposits on the steamer jets giving your steamer a longer shelf life. If you need to clean the deposits, give it a wipe with a cloth immersed in distilled white vinegar and let some vinegar and water spray out the nozzles in a safe place for a deeper clean on the steam head

Best Garment Steamers Reviewed – Our Top Picks!

1, The Rowenta Compact Valet 1500W Garment Steamer


  • First on this list today is the Rowenta Compact Valet  Garment Steamer which operates off a power level of 1500 watts giving you lots of power in getting rid of all those unwanted creased and wrinkles. There is also a large set of accessories which include the crease attachment for perfect pants, fabric brush for delicates and a separate lint pad for the perfect finish to whatever garments you wish.
  • For the handle – there is a soft touch and stay cool handle and fabric hose for added comfort when steaming which prevents you from getting burned and the telescopic pole can also be pushed down which makes it easy for compact storage after you have finished working with it.
  • For moving it about, there are wheels for easy transportation and the water tank can hold 81 ounces of  water to reduce re-fills and provide a total of 1 hour of uninterrupted steam being available to help with continuous use.
  • The heating process takes about 60 seconds and you are ready to go to starting getting rid of any unwanted wrinkles, it has the auto shut off system and can work on Linen, Cotton, Wool, Silk and Synthetics.
  • They also have a 1 year warranty available if you decide to buy.
  • In terms of weight, it comes in at 13 Ibs, the size is 17.3'' H by 12.3'' W by 19.8'' D and the price range tends to be in the $90 to $130 region when last viewed which can be double checked below.


2, The Steam and Go SAG-11 Garment Steamer


  • Next on the list to consider is the Steam and Go SAG-11 Garment Steamer which has lots of mainly positive reviews and ratings which gives confidence before any purchases are made and the price does tend to be a lot lower than the model outlined in number 1.
  • There is a large water tank here that can hold 1.6 liters of water so you can work away up to 55 minutes of steaming without having to refill it.
  • One thing here gain is the auto shut off system to prevent any unwanted mishaps and it has the cool touch hose to reduce the temperature of the surface while in use to prevent any unwanted burns.
  • Please also be aware that the dimensions here are 18'' H by 14'' W by 13'' D in inches and the weight is approx. 12 Ibs. In terms of warranty - you get 1 year also and the price does tend to be somewhat lower and can be bought for anywhere in the $50 range and sometimes lower when last viewed on sale


3, The Black and Decker Advanced Garment Steamer - Handheld (HGS205)


  • One of the Garment steamers from a hand held point of view that you should take a closer look at is the Black and Decker Advanced Garment Steamer model number HGS205 which also has the ability to auto shut off after 15 minutes if not in use.
  • The power level it operates off from is 1400 watts and has the high burst steam that can blast away those unwanted wrinkles or creases in a matter of seconds. If you dislike the idea or ironing or buying an iron board, then take a closer look at this option. The water tank is easy to fill up and can hold 220 ml of water and can be removed for easy refilling.
  • There is a 10 foot cord included for helping to reach drapes, table linen or bed linen and this is very easy to move about be it in your home or if you wish to bring it on your travels with its small compact design.
  • The dimension here for your information is 12.72 by 10.24 by 12.6 in inches and the price region when last checked was generally between $30 and $40.

4, The isteam Handheld Portable Compact Ultrafast Garment Steamer 4 in 1


  • Here you have a really popular Handheld Garment steamer from isteam that has numerous positive ratings and reviews in recent months and is ready to go in a matter of only 60 seconds. It not only gets rid of the wrinkles but can also humidify, sterilize and cleans your garments as well.
  • It was a high level of power and has lots of additional settings for a personal touch and a modern nozzle to work on a wide selection of different fabrics to suit your individual needs. It also comes with the auto shut down system as standard and will save you having to visit and pay for regular dry cleaning.
  • The type of garments this Ultrafast Garment steamer can work on are dresses, bed linen, table linen, delicates, suits, pants, casual gear - almost everything in your home. One thing here also is the fact that the when it runs out of water - it will reset itself automatically to ensure your safety while leaving the indicator light on.
  • You shouldn’t turn it upside down though and keep it upright when in use and when filled it generally runs for approx. 10 minutes before you have to refill it again. It also has a 2 year warranty and an attractive price tag which can be viewed below


5, The Sunbeam Traveling Garment Steamer


  • This Traveling Garment Steamer from Sunbeam comes in 2 different color choices red and white and tends to have a very low price point which makes it very popular along with having excellent ratings and performance levels.
  • Once turned on and applied, it starts working straight away in releasing the fibers and making those wrinkles and creases disappear in no time at all – it works off a lower power level of just 800 watts so will help reduce the costs of running this appliance- please note that the cord length is also 96 inches.
  • You also get great flexibility in that it can also clean the fabrics and remove unwanted odors and it can be used on a wide array of garments be it drapes, furniture, cloths, bed linen and many more.
  • The size here is only 8.8'' H by 3.6'' W by 7.6'' D in inches which makes it very portable and the weight also is only 2 Ibs. The capacity here is 9 ounces, the body is heat resistant for your safety and there tends to be only a 30 day warranty available but again the price can be anywhere between $20 and $50 when last viewed which is always worth checking out.


6, The Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head J-200


  • This garment steamer which is made in the USA that has proven to hugely popular across the country is the Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head model number J-2000 and there are 4 different variants available in this selection - please check out all 4 below  - examples are with the plastic steam head, the metal steam head, and the pink plastic head
  • Once filled, you will get 90 minutes steam time before you have to refill again and the power level it operates from is 1300 watts. The plastic steam head is 6 inches wide and it tends to be fully heated up in approx. 2 minutes duration.
  • Please also be aware that in addition – you get the high-impact plastic outer housing for durability and longevity and there is also the three quarter gallon see through clear water tank with a no drip check valve system. The dimensions you need to take note of are 17.5 by 11.5 by 16.3 in inches nad the weight comes in at approx. 18 pounds.
  • The house is 5.5 foot long and the price across the selection can change slightly depending on discount activities but tends to be around the $170 to $230 region when last seen at Amazon which should be checked out below.


7, The SALAV Performance Series Garment Steamer - Black (GS18-DJ/120)


  • If you are looking for a garment steamer in the $50 to $60 range, then take a closer look and consider the Salav Performance Series Garment Steamer in Black model number GS18-DJ/120.
  • It has proven to be very reliable for the amount of money you have to pay and comes with a wide selection of positive customer feedback, ratings and reviews.
  • It is made from both plastic and aluminium and comes part of the performance series range from SALAV and can work on a wide selection of different garments in your home be it bed linen, drapes, table linen, casual gear, suits, dresses or even delicates.
  • Please be aware also that the dimensions associated to this model is 14 by 11.4 by 65 in inches and again the price when last viewed at Walmart ranged from $50 to $60 depending on discount activities which again can be easily viewed or double checked below

8, The Black and Decker Advanced Garment Steamer (1400W)


  • This advanced Garment steamer from Black and Decker has a power level usage of 1400 watts and is similar to the model outlined in number 3 above and is considered as very popular for people who prefer the handheld steamer alternatives and the price does tend to be a little more expensive.
  • For refilling with water, there is a removable water tank and it is recommended that only distilled water is used here to prevent the build up of limescale and mineral deposits. It has a nice feel to it, it has a compact design and it is also very lightweight as it comes in at only 3.6 Ibs.
  • In addition, there is also the auto shut off system included as standard and has the ability of work on various types of garments be it personal clothing, drapes or even bed linen.
  • Finally, please note the small dimensions here which are 11'' H by  4.8'' W by 5.8'' D in inches and the price when last viewed was between $45 and $65. It also comes with a 2 year warranty if you decide to go down this route.


9, The Rowenta Master Valet Full Size Garment & Fabric Steamer 1550-Watt (IS6300)


  • If you have a little extra to spend then take a closer look at this awesome Rowenta Master Valet Full Size Garment & Fabric Steamer which operates off a power level of 1550 watts and is available under different variants be it 1 pole hanger or a 1 pole rotating hanger or a press hanger.
  • It comes with the tilt and roll system so it is very easy to work with and move around with its wheels and easy to use handle and the water tank can be removed for refilling and the tank is also clear so that you can always see the water level in it.
  • This is considered as a full size garment steamer with a roll an press vertical support to hold whatever garments you need in place and the handle always stays cool to prevent it getting hot.
  • There is also the Velcro and cord hook, the flexible fabric hose and a large steam head which gives you great results with less effort and the appliance has the foot on and off switch operation.
  • The water tank here can hold 81 ounces and will operate for 60 minutes before you have to refill it again. In addition, there is also the fabric brush, steam bonnet and liny pad included if you decide to buy.
  • The weight here comes in at around 13 Ibs, the dimensions are 19.5 by 12 by 16.9 in inches and feel free to view in a larger size below.


10, The Conair ExtremeSteam Hand Held Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat


  • If you need to spend less money, then consider this last option called the Conair ExtremeSteam Hand Held Fabric Steamer which provides a dual heat system high and low and will heat up as quickly as 75 seconds once powered up.
  • It operates from a power level of 1110 watts and once filled up, you can expect it to run for 15  minutes before you have to refill it again. The results of getting the wrinkles and creases removed are superb especially when you use the steam trigger for concentrated steam which can be up to 30% hotter to get deeper into the fabrics.
  • Overall, you can expect it to work 5 times greater and is especially superior for deep and thicker type fabrics and will remove all odors, dust mites, bugs giving your fabric a deep clean and wrinkle free appearance. The unit is also quite small with dimensions of 7.5 by 5.8 by 13 in inches  and a weight of just 3 Ibs.
  • In terms if accessories and attachments, you get the creaser, fabric brush and soft cushion brush included and the power cord to moving about is 9 foot long. There is also a 1 year warranty included and the price is a lot lower than one would expect for an appliance of this quality and should definitely be checked out further below.


It would also be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own personal favorite Garment Steamers and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that others in the community can learn also!

Finally, many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck with all your garment steaming in the weeks, months and years ahead.


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  1. Okay so I admit, I had no idea there were this many types of steamers. I have used the traditional steamer press for so long haha.The Conair Extremeheat really stands out for me. It is so compact and looks very appealing to me. If someone had told me all these steamers existed I would probably not believe it. I like the fact that you took the time to review so many of them. This is very impressive. I know where to look for my next steamer upgrade so thank you and best regardsEdmond

    • Many thanks Edmond for taking the time to comment – positive feedback is always greatly appreciated so thanks a million and best of luck with your final chosen steamer model!

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