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Hello once again and welcome to this detailed review for the Best Garden Rakes which are available at present and which can also be delivered to your home hassle free. This review has been conducted across several brands in the marketplace and we have a number of low priced options to choose from as well so there will definitely be something here that can work for you.

As you are aware, a rake is a manual tool that is used in the garden for many purposes. It is like a broomstick consisting of a toothed bar at the end of the stick used for collecting leaves, grasses and various other debris around your garden. It is also used for turning the soil as sometimes the soil gets hard and compacted. The rake breaks up the soil clumps and pulls out stones and debris and it can also be used to remove weeds and unwanted plants. One other use is after planting seeds for your plants it is used to tamp the soil. Before you view the 10 best models selected, feel free also to read some of our operational tips which are outlined below…

Operational Tips when using a Garden Rake:

It’s good to work safely and efficiently for any job you are doing in your lawn or garden, so here are a few tips that can help you while raking leaves.

  • Always use a new good quality rake. Everyone has an older rake in their tool shed but it will not be as efficient as a new one, so for efficient raking always invest in a good quality rake.
  • Lightweight garden rakes with ergonomic handle will reduce strain on your back while working. Rakes with wide end also help to rake up more leaves as compared to a small end rake.
  • Your body should be in a proper position while raking as body positioning is also important for successful raking. Grasp the rake with both hands and change the direction of rake while raking the leaves.
  • Knees should be slightly bent but don’t bend it too far forward from your waist. As you rake you should move backward it would be more helpful while you are raking.
  • Before you start raking get a trap cloth or sheet and put it on your lawn. It will save you a lot of time and energy. Rake the leaves on that cloth and after raking one area you can drag the pile of leaves to the main pile or you can collect the leaves directly into the bags and dispose the bags.
  • While you are raking the leaves in a bag, stomp on the pile of leaves to make sure to make space for more leaves and the bags should not be too full so that it’s hard to pick up the bags.
  • Deciding when to rake leaves in your lawn is also important. It is better to wait for them to fall as  raking every time when the leaves fall will be a wasted effort because next day more leaves will be there to rake up. If you have extra time then you can rake them up as they begin to fall because in the end, it will be an easy job for you when the last of the leaves fall.
  • If you have early fall leaves in your lawn and they are not enough to justify raking your lawn you can simply mow them in your lawn to give extra nutrients to your lawn.
  • Make sure the leaves are dry before raking because if the leaves are not dry it would be hard for you to rake them and it will increase the weight of your bag.
  • Safety is always important for any job, it’s better to wear safety gloves before raking. The handle of the rake can cause blisters on your hand. Gloves will also protect you from all the dirt.
  • Always wear close-toed shoes because rakes can hurt you if they come in contact with your feet. If you have any kind of allergies use a mask and wear it over your face to protect yourself from breathing in the allergens.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Rakes:

Q. How many types of garden rakes are available?
A. There are several types of rakes and each type is used differently but the common types of rakes are: Leaf rake, bow rake, shrub rake.
Q. What is a bow rake?
A. Bow rakes have short metal tines used to smooth out soil.
Q. Which rakes are better? Plastic rakes or metal rakes?
A. Metal rakes are better for dry leaves and if they bend, they can be easily bent back. Plastic rakes are better for the wet leaf.
Q. What is bamboo rake used for?
A. Bamboo rakes can handle both wet and dry leaf very well.

Best Garden and Leaf Rakes Reviewed – 10 Models Outlined to Choose From

1, The Fiskars Leaf Rake with Cushioned Grip – 24 Inch


  • First on this list is the reliable Fiskars 24 inch Leaf Rake with the cushioned grip which you definitely should consider.  A clean and tidy lawn increases your home value and makes your house look good. There are many tools that can help you improve your lawn. Fiskars leaf rake is one of the tools you can have to improve your lawn.
  • This traditional style rake works well for both gardening leaves and raking out moss and thatch. The resin tines that are flexible are designed to flex without any harm to the rake. These tines also work well on paths without any damage to the rake.
  • The handle is designed with strong aluminum that provides durability and also reduces the weight for an easy use. The Teardrop shaft also provides comfort and control.
  • This rake is suitable for moving large pile of leaves easily and this rake is 24-inch-wide that allows moving large quantity of leaves with each pass. It has a lifetime warranty which means you can replace it in case of damage and is generally for sale for less than $20 when last checked at Walmart which can be checked below.

2, The Amazing Rake 3-in-1 Lime Green Ergonomic Lightweight 17-Inch Lawn Leaf - 746321243312


  • Second on this list is from Amazing Rake - If you are confused whether you should blow the leaves or rake them, then Amazing Rake is a good option for you. Even after you blow your leaves to the pile you are still going to have leaves leftover in the garden, so you still have to rake the leaves.
  • It is very lightweight, which makes it very easy to unpack and use it. The rake can be assembled in six steps without any instructions but still there is a step by step assembly instruction with graphics which can be followed in case of any difficulty while assembling it. There is also an instruction video on the company’s website you can follow to assemble it.
  • In addition, it is a three in one rake, which means you can use it for three purposes. The Amazing Rake rakes the leaves then you can scoop the leaves and pick the leaves up using just one tool which is amazing. Now there is no need to bend and scoop the leaves and pick them up and it can easily handle leaves, grass clippings and pruning.
  • This is an extremely lightweight tool which won’t cause strain on your body after pulling again and again. The rubber handle makes it easy to handle and you can also adjust the length of the rake according to your need and it is made in America with a good quality finish and the price is definitely worth checking out.


3, The Corona Bigload JR Leaf Rake 26 Inch - RK 45026


  • For the last ninety years Corona Clipper, Inc. expanded the products they are offering and included shovels, pruners, loppers etc.  and the Corona big load leaf rake is one that needs a closer look at and weighs around two and a half pounds. The length is also very good with an overall length of seventy seven inches and the handle length is Sixty three inches.
  • Some people find assembling their new tools very hard. It’s a relief for them that Corona Big load leaf rake requires no assembly, you just have to release it from its cardboard packing. The rake is made of hard to damage and aluminum and polycarbonate it is very durable and long lasting and the cardboard packing is enough for it.
  • Polycarbonate is an ultra-durable plastic which makes it impact resistant and can bare the extreme temperatures. The rake head is attached to the handle by just two screws and the long handle makes it more comfortable as compared to short handle rakes.
  • Simply just extend the arms to pull the leaves towards you. If the leaf loads are heavy you can extend one hand high for extra leverage to keep the posture straight while pulling a heavy load. The light weight saves you from getting tired and the grip prevents your hand from slipping or getting any hand fatigue.


4, The Fiskars Shrub Rake, 8 Inch Head, 66 Inch Handle - Plastic/Aluminum


  • At number 4 we have another model under the Fiskars brand - A shrub rake is very similar to a leaf rake, the only difference is that it has smaller tines which allow you to access around fences, shrubbery and tight areas in your lawn. The small leaf rake is ideal for compact lawns its flexible prongs gather leaves and debris efficiently. Simply apply a light downward pressure and then drag the rake to gather material.
  • The rake head is made of durable resin tines that are designed for flexibility, and the flexibility doesn’t allow it to break. The ergonomic handles are easy to grip with greater comfort level to reduce the level of fatigue.
  • The aluminium reduces the weight of the rake for better posture and reduces back fatigue and it is currently manufactured by Fiskars in the USA.
  • In terms of cost, the price when last checked at Walmart was for less than $15 which of course can be double checked below.


5, The Root Assassin / Rake Assassin by Garden Tools


  • Next up is the Root Assassin which is a unique three in one garden tool that can work as a rake, shovel and sifter. It can work as anything you want and it weighs around two pounds with a shipping weight of around four pounds. Please note also that the rake here is sixty two inch long.
  • After buying minimum assembly is required so for those who don’t like assembling their tools it’s a relief as it can be ready to use in three to five minutes.
  • The Root assassin can perform four functions. It works as leaf rake, garden rake, shovel and a sifter and the angle of the shaft exerts pressure on the ground with twenty tines. It takes a few gentle pulls and the ground will be leaf-free and the polycarbonate tines give great flexibility and strength to the rake and the bent shaft allows working without any back strain.
  • The pushing like a shovel and pulling like a rake you can spread yards. The lightweight comes in to play again, you don’t get tired and in addition the scoop full of leaves can be easily pushed along the ground. In summary, its design makes it easy to push along the ground and dump it and using this tool as a scoop can pull short rooted weeds with ease

6, The Fiskars Ergo Aluminum Garden Rake - 60 Inch


  • At number 6 we have the Fiskars Ergo Aluminum garden rake which is the standard solution for your lawn. For larger areas this rake is an efficient tool as leaves and open lawn areas can be swept up in a very quick time. It is a good all round rake suitable for all kind of raking and leveling preparing seed beds and establishing a new lawn.
  • It is also very useful in loosening and levelling the soil of your garden and removing dead grass. The rake has fourteen hardened steel tines that allow you to cover a large area in one pull.
  • In addition, the steel tines are very hard to bend but even if they bend they can easily be bent back in their original shape.
  • Please note also the shaft is made of very strong and lightweight aluminum to provide durability and also making it very easy to use – overall we would say that it is a good tool to have in your shed and It comes with a full lifetime warranty for additional reassurance.

7, The Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake 


  • This model from Ames has twenty-two tine steel leaf rake is made in the USA. The flexible steel tines are good for smooth raking and the handle is made of hardwood with cushioned grip to help reduce your hand fatigue.
  • Overall, this product is very good and it works very well, you can use it to move leaves under the grass and it works very nice and removes the leaves from under the grass so in effect it works like a broom for your leaves. If you have a lot of leaves the rate of removing leaves in each pass is perfect with the help of twenty two tines. It is perfect for big jobs and also little jobs.
  • You can also use it around flower beds and the rake will get the leaves and will just go around the bark and will not move your bark. It can also work on the driveways and do a pretty decent job and overall the design is a one piece design and there is no need for any kind of assembly, it is ready to use after you buy it.
  • Finally, it is worth noting that the flexible spring gives you a smooth raking experience and hardwood handle for strength and durability and its weight is around three pounds and comes with a low price tag which is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

8, The Ames 30 Inch Poly Leaf Rake - 2915712


  • At number 8, we would like to outline the Ames 30 Inch Poly Leaf Rake which has a model number 2915712 which you should also take a closer at due to the high level of customer positive reviews and overall positive experiences.
  • If you need a really low priced option to choose from then take a closer look here and it also has the ability to stand the test of time season after season in all types of weather conditions and it is great to tackle even the more difficult type tasks.
  • It is 30 inches wide and can be used a general type lawn care rake to serve various types of different projects and the handle is 48 inches with the head 30 inches. The overall dimensions here to note are 72 by 2 by 31 in inches and the weight is approx. 2 and half pounds.
  • There is also the cushioned grip as standard and the price is very low and was available for less than $10 when last checked at Walmart.


9, The Flexrake 1A 19 in Flex Steel Head 4 Inch Handle Leaf Rake


  • Another rake that needs to be considered that we found extremely useful and reliable is the Flexrake 1A 19 in Flex Steel Head 4 Inch Handle Leaf Rake and the price point is also very attractive and of course is made in the US.
  • This is a perfect tool for removing thatch and create a much-improved environment on your lawn so that debris is removed allowing water and air to enter the soil. The handle here is made from aluminum and is 48 inches long and the steel head is also 19 inches wide.
  • In addition, there are 25 extra wide curved tines and the overall dimensions that you need to know is 65 by 1 by 20 in inches and weighs approx. one and half pounds with heat treated spring steel.
  • This rake is definitely well tested and has served many professional gardeners and has received several positive comments in the past. Price wise, it is very affordable and tends to be available for between $20 to $35 when last seen on sale and can be viewed further below.


10, The Seymour 14-Tine Bow Rake With 13-inch Head - 42016


  • Last but not least on this list is the awesome Seymour 14-Tine Bow Rake with a 13-inch head and comes under model number 42016 and we have found this rake to also be extremely reliable, efficient, easy to use and the price is certainly lower than one would expect.
  • This would be considered more of a heavy duty option and has curved tines that has the ability to move gravel, debris and soil easily with lesser effort on you end and the head is welded solidly for additional stability and sturdiness.
  • There is also the 48 inch hardwood handle coming as standard with the 13-3/4 inch rake steel head and also has steel ferrule.
  • The size dimensions for you to note is 55.5 by 13.75 by 3.25 in inches and the contoured handle has an attractive lacquer clear finish to make it more attractive to the eye. For the cost, the guide we have seen tends to be for less than $20 at Walmart which of course can be double checked below if you are interested in taking a closer look.



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