Best Garden Gloves – Includes Low Prices


If you are searching for popular and reliable gloves for use in the garden, then take a quick look at our detailed review for the best Garden gloves that are available at present and which also have some low prices included which almost everybody can afford.

We have 7 different sets of Gloves picked out for you to consider across 2 different retail channels so make sure to check out the price checkers below to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Advantages with using Garden Gloves:

  • Protect your hands against thorns, splinters, blister and excessive dirt.
  • Helps to avoid skin contact when using garden chemicals (herbicides, pesticides or fungicides)
  • Prevents unwanted skin infections and cuts
  • Different gloves are available to suit both men and women
  • Prevents dirt getting into your fingernails
  • Provides a protective layer against potential stings or insect bites

Types of Garden Gloves to Consider:

1, Leather Gloves - waterproof and more expensive, example Rose Gloves
2, Rubber Coated Gloves – ideal when using chemicals
3, Neoprene or Nitrile Gloves – best when using chemicals and are breathable
4, Cloth Gloves – cheapest options and are machine washable, not heavy duty.

Best Garden Gloves Reviewed – 7 Types to Choose From

1, The G & F Florist Pro Rose Gardening Gloves - Large


  • First on the list for you to consider is the G & F Florist Pro rose gardening gloves which have proven to be very popular among men mostly and they also have the ability to withstand heavy duty work and also protect your hands while you work several different jobs.
  • These gloves are made from a puncture resistant, a synthetic leather padded palm and also with reinforced fingertips that provides lots of strength and durability so you can perform heavy duty tasks without the need to worry about your hands getting damaged or injured.
  • One thing that stands out is the elbow length gauntlet cuff which can protect your wrists and forearms from any unwanted scraps and scratches and prevent any thorns getting into your skin.
  • The model number here is 243L, it has the form fitting spandex back for maximum comfort and the price when last checked at Walmart was for less than $15 which of course can be double checked below.


2, The G & F Premium High-Visibility All-Purpose Safety Work & Garden Gloves - 1516XL-1


  • At number 2 we have another type under G & F and it’s the G & F Premium High-Visibility All-Purpose Safety Work & Garden Gloves which includes micro foam double textures.
  • These can be used by both men and women and are available in various different sizes including extra large so they are certainly very adaptable to meeting people’s needs.
  • One thing also is the fact that they are high visibility gloves which makes them easy to find if they become misplaced and this set of gloves is generally seen as a multi purpose set to protect your hands against potential splinter, blisters and scratches
  • While they are not the most heavy duty or the best quality, they do come with the appropriate low attractive price tag and generally can be bought from anywhere from $5 up as far as $10 when last seen at Walmart. Personally, if we were to choose this type, we would suggest getting 2 or even 3 sets of these gloves that will last the length of your summer gardening period and still could cost less than $25 for several sets.


3, The Boss Gloves Medium Green Dirt Digger Gardening and General Purpose Gloves- 8404GM


  • Third on this list is model number 8404GM which is the Boss Gloves Medium Green Dirt Digger gardening and general purpose gloves which have proven to be very popular due to low price point they tend to be available for and also due the level of rubber coating.
  • This set of gloves will protect your hands against cuts, stings, thorns, blisters and splinters as they have extra textured rubber coating to help give you additional grip and support.
  • Also, this set is not the best for your heavy-duty tasks but is more suited for lighter gardening tasks that don’t require a lot of heavy lifting or heavy chores – they are lightweight but also provide a high level of flexibility and include an absorbent and knit wrist that helps to keep soil or dirt away.
  • Although they may not last the full length of the summer gardening period, buying a second or a third set can be done also as they are still so affordable – 3 sets can be purchased for less than $20 when last seen at Walmart which of course can be checked below if you are interested.


4, The Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves for Women / Men


  • This next set of gloves have proven to be extremely popular by hundreds of gardeners across the country and are certainly one that you should consider. The main reason why they are so popular is because they are breathable so your hands won’t get sticky and the bamboo will actually absorb the sweat and perspiration. This is because bamboo is more absorbent than synthetic fabrics or cotton.
  • There are several different sizes to choose from starting from small to extra extra large and the price tends to be one of the lowest in the market which is another reason why so many people buy it – they are reliable, lightweight, fits very comfortable around the skin on your hands and they give excellent value for the price that you have to pay.
  • These gloves are ideal for gardening but can be used also for restoration work, mini construction projects, fishing, general maintenance work and also clamming and as they are so comfortable to wear and use, they have become a very popular solution for so many people nowadays.
  • Please note also that the resistant to abrasion and they also come with EN388 4132 Certification which is always good to have as a feature. It is also derived from a natural product bamboo so it is environmentally friendly and there are great choices to choose from in terms of sizes available and again the price here is very hard to beat.


5, The Fir Tree Leather Gardening Goatskin Gloves - Cowhide Suede Gauntlet Sleeves


  • Number 5 is a little more expensive but is definitely one that you should consider if you have a little extra money to spend – it’s the Fir Tree Leather Gardening Goatskin Gloves which has the cowhide suede gauntlet sleeves included for your added protection
  • These are ideal Rose garden gloves and the sizes can range from extra small up as far as extra extra large so there is great availability in terms of sizes and getting the perfect ideal fit. The long sleeves protect your arms against nasty thorns and possible skin scratches as they are thorn resistant – if you are a serious gardener that doesn’t mind spending a little extra, then these are the gloves for you.
  • These are made from goatskin leather and the sleeves are made from cowhides so they are extremely tough and will protect your hands and arms easily so you don’t have to worry about getting any injuries- you can focus on the job at hand instead.
  • One other thing to note is that they are also washable, they are puncture resistant and come in a nice attractive storage bag where they can be stored safely while not in use. Finally the weight of them comes in around 9 ounces and if interested – take a quick look at today’s price below


6, The Super Grippy Garden Gloves with Special Protective coating - 2 Pairs / Pack


  • One of the main attractions for this set of garden gloves is the fact that there are 2 pairs of gloves included in the pack and also the really low price which they tend to be on sale for – they are not the heavy duty type garden glove when compared to several other types but do perform well enough for moderate work such as weeding and planting or using the lawn mower.
  • Not only are they useful for the garden, but can also be used for light construction projects, maintenance work, fishing and carpentry work and they have a resistant coating to protect against puncturing
  • Another thing also is the fact that they are breathable to avoid excessive sweating and they have the EN 388 certification as a bonus which covers against the weather elements and abrasion resistance. The sizes available tend to be limited though and are generally available in 3 different sizes – small / medium / large.
  • They fit nice and comfortable while in use and will stop any blisters, thorns, stings and are the perfect glove when using hand tools in the garden such as a pruning shears and they can be used by both man and women. If you are looking for a bargain, then take a closer look here as again the price is very hard to beat and they provide a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase


7, The Wells Lamont Heavy Duty Grain Cowhide Extra Wear Palm Leather Work Gloves - Saddletan


  • The last pair of gloves that we recommend on this list is the Wells Lamont heavy duty grain cowhide Palm Leather Work Gloves which come in saddletan which give added protection as they are heavy duty and the price is actually lower than one would expect from a set of gloves of this quality.
  • These gloves are puncture resistant and they have excellent abrasion resistance incorporated into them and they come under the trusted brand of Wells Lamont who provide excellent quality products that one can trust since the year of 1907 so they have a lot of experience in this field.
  • There is also the keystone thumb design which provides added flexibility while you work on your projects and the Saddletan palm patch provides you with extra grip and wear resistance that will last you a lot longer than your typical garden glove.
  • This pair of gloves comes under reference number 1209M, the size if approx. 5.3 by 0.9 by 10 in inches and was available for less than $15 when last seen at Walmart which of course can be double checked below.



In addition – feel free to take a closer look at various other options by clicking on your preferred images provided below…


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Garden Gloves and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck with your final decision.


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