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If you are looking for information on the best fertilizer spreaders for your garden, then make sure to check out the models outlined in this post which will meet your expectations and requirements. In summary, a Fertilizer Spreader is a mechanical equipment device used to spread fertilizers on farms, fields and gardens. Nowadays they are an essential part of agricultural machinery because of their effectiveness and quick delivery of seeds, fertilizers into the fields, farms and gardens.

The basic concept of spreading fertilizer is quite simple, a hopper is placed over a horizontal spinning disk, the disk has 3 or 4 fins attached to it which throw the dropped fertilizer material from the hopper out and away from the spreader. If you have a big garden, you must have a fertilizer spreader to make your job easy and quick.

Overview on Fertilizer Spreaders:

The fundamental principle of fertilizer spreaders which are also known as lawn spreaders depending on the model is quite simple. As you move the fertilizer spreader over your lawn, the fertilizer material drops through an opening or number of openings onto the lawn. The rate of spreading or distribution of materials can be controlled through the control system. There are different kinds of spreaders available in the market, you have to choose the best one which can meet the requirements of your garden, lawn or field.

Types of Fertilizer Spreaders:

  • A push spreader or walk-behind spreader is a wheeled model helpful for covering the whole lawn. As the wheels rotate, they connect a mechanism that distributes the materials like fertilizer, seeds, grains etc.
  • A tow-behind spreader has a large capacity, it has wheels attached with a riding mower or terrain vehicle, the wheels keep the spreading process move forward. Some of the tow behind spreaders have a spreader and aerating part that permits you to handle two lawn care tasks with one pass.
  • A handheld spreader is a solid, crank-operated model which is a useful choice for use on a smaller lawn or for repairing bare spots in a lawn.

Operational Tips when using a Fertilizer Spreader:

The key instructions may vary from model to model and materials for spreading. The following are the common tips to keep note of while using it for your lawns, gardens or even in your fields or paddocks.

  • Read the machine's manual before you are going to use it.
  • Calibrate the spreader as per manufacturer's specifications. Follow the spreading rate and pattern labeled on the materials packaging
  • You have to load the fertilizer spreader on driveway,
  • You have to move the spreader at a steady speed while using it onto the lawn
  • Don't forget to close the opening when you make turns or stop.
  • You can get fine coverage with a broadcast spreader by applying the product in a zigzag pattern. Low the application setting by 1/2 and make a run over the lawn. After that make the 2nd pass over the lawn again by running perpendicular to the 1st pass.
  • Pick up any material on surfaces such as sidewalks. Transfer it into the hopper and apply it to your lawn.
  • Some of agri-products are caustic and enhance rust, so you can use a garden hose to make clean the spreader after every use, then dry it completely and apply some light machine oil to the metal components in the wheels and spreader mechanism.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Why it is needed to fertilize the field?
  • A: Fertilizer is made to feed your garden/farms with the nutrients needed for growth, color, health of your crop/plants/flowers. The main ingredients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N, P, K). Nitrogen important for plant growth and health, Phosphorus for root system of the plants and Potassium is necessary for strong cells and tissues of the plant.
  • Q: What type of fertilizer should you use?
  • A: Fertilizers are available in many forms and types which are made by different ratio of the ingredients N, P, K. Each bag of fertilizer has all the information on it, so depending on the requirements of your lawn, farms you can select the actual type of fertilizer.
  • Q: Why do the Hopper covers and deflectors are used with Fertilizer Spreaders?
  • A: The main purpose of hopper cover is to avoid the spillage of materials caused by rough terrain and winds and keep the fertilizer dry in the raining. The deflectors function is to control the spreading width, reducing wastes and controlling fertilizer out of planting beds.

Best Fertilizer Spreaders Review - Our Top Picks for You!

1, The Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader


  • The Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Broadcast Spreader is an excellent spreader for the lawn of 1 acre or more. The solid rod activated on-off flow control is operated from the seat of the tractor and there is an option for precise setting adjustment with smooth operating gears. It has a rustproof poly hopper which provides consistent fertilizer spreading for a longer period of use.
  • Agri-Fab 130-Pound Broadcast Spreaders available in the market in both Push and Tow models. You can get all the other extra utilities with this spreader as the Hopper covers, material deflectors and hopper grates. The main purpose of the hopper cover is to avoid the spillage of materials caused by rough terrain and winds and keep the fertilizer dry in the rain.
  • The deflectors function is to control the spreading width, reducing wastes and controlling fertilizer out of planting beds and the hopper grate stop the clumped material from flow control opening blocking for steadfast spreading.
  • The capacity of this machine is 130 pounds and covers 25,000 square feet or even more efficiently. It is made in USA with some imported materials and this machine has a warranty of 3 years which comes from the manufactures and the price tends to be lower than one would think for a spreader of this quality.


2, The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader


  • One of the most famous Fertilizer Spreader is the Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader, which is suitable for large agri-farms and fields. The assembly of this spreader is not very complex and will take very little time to get set it up. It covers more ground than other good drop spreaders and is suitable for many different fertilizers. The drawback of this unit is that the wheels can get covered by fertilizers which need to be cleaned all the time and it does not work smoothly on uneven surfaces.
  • This machine is equipped with Scotts Edgeguard technology which means the spreading will be performed accurately. It can cover up to 5,000 square feet area easily or even more and one advantage is that this machine comes calibrated and ready to go in operation for spreading fertilizer materials. You can also use the Scotts Turf EdgeGuard Spreader for spreading seeds in spring, summer or fall.
  • There is no assembly required. After purchasing it, you can just go and start working in the yard and the main benefit of this spreader is that it gives a uniform distribution of the fertilizer on the fields and farms as without them it is very difficult to maintain the exact ratio of spreading into the fields. You will find a manual to set the actual settings for correct spreading's and application instructions.
  • In terms of value, this spreader will cost you anywhere from $25 to $40 depending on promo activity and of course can be double checked below.



3, The Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader


  • If you are looking for a compact commercial spreader then Earthway 2150 is the right answer, as it is perfect for small projects or situation where your storage is very limited and the Hopper capacity of this spreader is 50 pounds.
  • It has 2 height positions which are adjustable handle and T speed lever provides total operator control. It has a special spreading system called the EV-N-SPRED 3-hole drop shut-off system which makes certain an even spread pattern and gives a feathered spreading edge for accurate applications.
  • The load-bearing capacity is about 175 pounds that frame can support and the chassis are heavy duty epoxy powder coated with diamond. It comes with a super duty gearbox for longer life of use and the debris screen installed to keep clumps from clogging the shut-off system.
  • It has 13 inch diameter stud type tires on rust-proof poly rims and the overall this spreader is constructed with a highly durable material and has a longer life. It also has the spreading rate control system to provide uniform spreading into the garden.


4, The Field Tuff 12V ATV Hitch Mount Receiver 80 lb. Grass, Seed &Fertilizer Spreader


  • The Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader is a reliable and heavy duty spreader which has capacity of 80 pounds. It can hold up to 8 gallons of fertilizer, seed or grains and it can easily be attached to almost every ATV, UTV or utility tractor. It comes with an on-off power switch to spread and stop it conveniently.
  • It is an excellent machine to distribute and spreading fertilizers, seeds, grains evenly into your lawn, garden or fields.
  • The assembly and installation is quite simple and easy including wiring harness and it comes with a rain cover which is much beneficial when you have to do the job in the rainy conditions. It can easily be connected with tractor via 12-volt ATV hitch mount spreader.
  • It has a speed of 570 RPM for reliable operation and it also has a powerful 12 V DC motor for efficient working. It has 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty and the price region tends to be between $180 to $230 when last seen on sale...


5, The Scotts WIZZ Spreader


  • Next up is the Scotts WIZZ is introducing the new, battery-powered spreader which is efficient in fertilizer spreading for smaller jobs in your lawn and gardens. It is the swift and easy choice when it comes to spreading. The Wiz holds up to 2,500 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn care products and features Scotts exclusive Edge Guard and Handy Lock Technology. You can use it for multi-purposes for spreading fertilization, seeds and grains.
  • It comes with latest technologies of Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard and HandyLock Technologies and you can use it for year round to feed, seed, weed and melt this Scotts Wiz Hand-Held Spreader.
  • In addition, it covers up to 2,500 square feet areas of a farm or field. This is the most advanced spreader which has the latest technologies and available in the market and please note that this Scotts Wizz spreader uses 4 x AA batteries and it's ready to use once you bring it home. You will regulate the rate of broadcast by adjusting the front dial which is very easy to read. To start use, just pull the trigger on the handle, and the motor will turn the dispensing mechanism.
  • Please note also that it will broadcast up to 5 feet and the trigger also has a lock so you can avoid accidental use. It also has an edge guard which is helpful if you want to control the spreader so it does not get onto flower beds.
  • This unit certainly allows for one hand operation and it works splendidly and can be bought for anywhere between $15 to $25 but please make sure to double check below.


6, The Agri-Fab, Inc. 110 lb. Broadcast Tow Behind Spreader- 45-0527


  • Number 6 on this list for you to consider is the Agri-Fab Inc. broadcast spreader model can cover 17,500 square feet and has a capacity of 110 pounds. The product assembled dimensions: 41" L by 26" W by 25" H -Up to 10' spread width. It has an on/off control easily accessible from the tractor seat and the pneumatic tires permit for raise maneuverability up to 10' spread.
  • It has a rust-proof hopper and spreader plate for maintaining the product for longer period of time and the Pneumatic tires let you go anywhere to get the job done completely.
  • This spreader comes with a universal hitch attaches without trouble and swiftly to all tractors. The product dimensions are when assembled are 41" L by 26" W by 25" H which make it quite workable.
  • Finally then, this 110 lb tow broadcast spreader comes with a 3 year warranty and will cost anywhere between $120 and $150 when last seen on sale and if interested you can check it further below.


7, The Brinly Push Broadcast Spreader


  • Last on this list for you to consider is the Brinly brand which is old group company working from plus 170 years, it is a family-owned company providing made-in-the-USA lawn, garden, and farm equipment. Brinly Push Broadcast Spreader is perfect for spreading seed, fertilizer in the warmer months and for spreading sand, ice melt, and other melting agents in the winter months.
  • It is an excellent choice for the users for year round work in the lawn or on the road for ice melting purposes and it has a durable poly hopper to maintain the product for a long time.
  • It comes with a fully enclosed gearbox to make sure the excellent performance and longer life.  It has adjustable ergonomically designed T shaped handle and big 12 inches semi pneumatic tires to perform the jobs smoothly and comfortably.
  • This spreader has the ability to cover almost 15,000 square feet in one run whereas you can get the job done in few turns. The total weight of this machine is lighter than one would expect and again the costs involved can range from $120 to $150 depending on ongoing discount activities.



Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Fertilizer Spreader and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!


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