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Hello once again and welcome to this review of the Best Evaporative Coolers which are available from the US market at present.  As summer is around the corner, it's time to get ready cooling appliances for your houses and offices. Evaporative cooling technology is most efficient in dry and hot regions. An Evaporative cooler is an appliance that cools air by the evaporation of water and they are completely different as compare to air conditioning system that use refrigeration cycles. The temperature of dry air will be dropped considerably through the physical change of liquid water to vapor (evaporation). This will cool air using less energy than refrigeration.

In very dry climates, phase change cooling of air has the additional benefit of acquisition the air with a lot of wet for the comfort of building occupants. The cooling potential for phase change cooling relies on the wet-bulb depression, the distinction between dry-bulb temperature and wet-bulb temperature. In arid climates, phase change cooling will scale back energy consumption and total instrumentality for acquisition as an alternate to compressor-based cooling. In climates not thought of arid, indirect phase change cooling will still cash in of the phase change cooling method while not increasing wetness.

Passive phase change cooling methods supply constant edges of mechanical phase change cooling systems while not the quality of apparatus and ductwork. There are many evaporative coolers commercially available in the market with different capacity and ranges depending on the need of the customer.

Points to consider before you buy an Evaporative Cooler:

It's really important to keep your indoor environment cool and comfortable in the summer while keeping electric utility bills in control. Evaporative coolers offer an eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective substitute to conventional air conditioning systems.

  • Know your Climate first: Evaporative cooling is a simple and an excellent way for controlling temperature of your home and offices. However, depending on the climate where you live, evaporative cooling might not be the best for you. So you have to understand how evaporative coolers work will facilitate you make a decision if this is the correct cooling solution for your place. The important point while using the evaporative cooler is the hot dry air, coolers are most useful and effective in the hottest times of the day and below 50% humidity levels. Evaporative coolers work excellent when the relative humidity is around 60%, although they work fine in all humid conditions when use in outdoor places.
  • Evaporative coolers comparison with traditional air conditioning systems: The basic purpose of both devices is the same to provide you a cooled space in hot summer. The biggest difference of evaporative cooler is the price of course, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly than conventional air conditioning systems. Evaporative cooler uses simple technology to cool indoor air while air conditioners machines uses refrigerated cooling systems. It is well noticed that they are three times cheaper than air conditioners systems cost in terms of installations, water, electricity. Evaporative coolers are environmentally friendly. Furthermore, these work best in the fresh air availability with easy mobility.
  • What size Evaporative cooler will be most effective according to space: The key to buy the best evaporative cooler is to know the size of your space where you want to install it, how big it is? An evaporative cooler designed for smaller area can't be efficient if you use it for big size of places. The CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is the amount of fresh air cycled through your environment per minute. Following formula is used to find the CFM: Square feet needed to be cooled multiplied by ceiling height (in feet) and divide it by 2.  For instance, if your room is 450 square feet with 8-foot ceilings 450 X 8 / 2 = 1,800 CFM. In relation to this equation, you would need a cooler with a CFM of 1,800.
  • Different types of coolers: There are different types of coolers are available, you have to see your space which one is fit for your purpose. Normally 2 types of residential evaporative coolers - portable and window mounted. These both types of cooler designed for small to larger scale places but off course cannot cover the entire houses. If you have the need of cooling in outdoor places as gardens then portable coolers are the great for this purpose. For rooms inside the houses, offices window types of coolers best as these work replacement of windows air conditioners. Installations of these types are very easy and less time consuming, you can install vertical or horizontally as per the need of situation of your room.
  • Maintenance required for an evaporative cooler: Either you want to have window or portable evaporative cooler, the proper maintenance of the devices is necessary from time to time. The basic cleanings of the appliances make their performance great and increase its life. You have to clean the filters and water pads once every two weeks with warm water and detergent to remove dust, dirt. The portable coolers need cleanings at regular intervals with cloth. For window evaporative coolers change the moisture pads, clean the pump, oil the motor if needed.
  • Health Hazards: Number of authorities raised the issue that an improperly maintained cooler could be a threat to the public health as mosquito breeding could be possible in the water tank area of the cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions about Evaporative Coolers

Q: How does an evaporative cooler actually work to cool a small house?
A: Water pump circulates the water from the water tank on the water pads or cooling media which becomes wet, A fan draws the outside air to move through the cooling pads and it cools by evaporations. To get the most efficient cooling it is necessary to saturate the cooling pads all the times.
Q: Can ice improve the cooling process?
A: No, if you put ice in the water tank area of the cooler, it will not improve the cooling efficiency. Tap water will provide the same results as crushed ice or refrigerated water. So you can use normal water.
Q: How can you improve the performance of an evaporative cooler?
A: It is strongly recommended that Evaporative cooler must not be used in enclosed places, one of the window or door must be opened to free air flow, so make sure a cross ventilation to improve the efficiency of cooling of your room.
Q: Does evaporative cooler increase humidity and produce condensation in the room?
A: No, it does not increase the humidity as these are designed on balanced ventilation scheme; you have just keep open one of the door or window open while cooler is running.
Q: Why the evaporative coolers drain some water?
A: It means your evaporative cooler is working perfectly fine. The water management system of your cooler is excellent, as these are designed to monitor and control the water in the water tank. Because cooler drains the water only when its needed to.

Review of the Best Evaporative Coolers

1, The Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler N46W

Main Features:

  • Essick Air is a registered trademark of Essick Air Products. Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler is an American designed window cooler that produce cooling comfort for the areas up to 1400 sq. feet.
  • This cooler is very well designed that provides best optimal airflow and superior sturdiness. This is energy economical cooler provides years of dependable, worry free, cooling.
  • The secured construction of Essick cooler not solely provides easy accessibility for replacement, however it additionally eliminates welded seams for rust hindrance.
  • Essick model uses the aspen fibres as cooling media pads as that is very durable and economical.
  • The main features of this model are: easy to install, eco-friendly, energy efficient and the outside material is resistant to weather as it is polyester powder-coated finish for durability.
  • Essick cooler includes 1/3 HP, 2 speeds, 120 V motor. The fan has two speed options, low and high.
  • Its weighs about 162 pounds with product dimensions 46.9 by 34.1 by 34.5 inches.
  • Be warned though the price here is a little on the high side when compared to the options outlined below.

2, The Honeywell CS10XE Indoor Portable Evaporative Cooler with Fan & Humidifier with Detachable Tank

Main Features:

  • Honeywell evaporative cooler work best when the air is dry and humidity is low. Its gives maximum efficiency under the humidity less than 60%. Evaporative air coolers unit more practical in areas with most ratio of hour or less.
  • Warm, dry air is very important for more practical phase transition cooling and therefore the temperature decrease is bigger in drier environments as a result of higher evaporation happens once the wetness is low.
  • Phase transition air coolers manufacture wet and may be accustomed increase humidification in an exceedingly space. They’re ideal for maintaining a cool breeze and increase comfort in homes placed in drier regions.
  • For faster cooling an ice compartment is attached with remote control to control the cooler settings from the distance. It comes with detachable water tank and low water alarm for easy maintenance.
  • CS10XE cooler have non-compressor system which means that it cools naturally, efficiently with low cost with lower power consumption of 102 watts. However, it's not very powerful enough for larger rooms, the water basin becomes very heavy when it is full.
  • For the best performance of this cooler the water should be purified well. When you are using it first time Honeycomb media will odour which will dissipate within hours.
  • The maximum sound level at highest speed is 57 dBA so it's not very noisy. It's a light weight cooler which weighs about 18.5 pounds and the product dimensions are 15.7 by 13.5 by 31.5 inches.
  • The warranty of this product is 1 year and would be considered a more affordable option when compared to other models.


3, The Honeywell CO48PM Powerful Outdoor Portable Evaporative Cooler with Fan

Main features:

  • If you are looking for a reliable and affordable priced cooler this is the model for you.
  • Honeywell CO48PM unit cools your rooms or offices up to 600 square feet area. This is an excellent evaporative cooler uses the natural process to provide cooled air in the hot summer.
  • The actual maker of Honeywell CO48PM is ranked at 73rd out of 500 in the Fortune lists.
  • In this model you can use ice to get more cooled air, it can also lower the outdoor air temperature. You can connect the cooler with ice or water supply directly which makes it versatile as compared to other available units in the market.
  • Honeywell Portable Air Coolers are constructed and vigilantly crafted with aerodynamics science to reduce energy consumption whereas maximize the airflow.
  • This is highly recommended air cooler for commercial and residence uses. It is light weight cooler with 29.3 pounds and product size of 14.8 by 24.4 by 34.2 inches.
  • It has durable castle wheels which makes it extremely portable.
  • For best cooling, use it in cross ventilation environment with humidity level less than 60%.

4, The Luma Comfort High Power Evaporative Cooler EC220W 

Main features:

  • One of the largest model designed by the Luma Comfort is the EC 220W that cools up to 650 square feet area. It uses the natural cooling process to lower the temperature of your room in dry and warm climates.
  • This model has a big water tank of 10.6 gallon capacity which would be enough for several hours in the summer. EC220 comes with a powerful fan which spreads the cooled air throughout the rooms. It has 3 speed options that offer up to 1650 CFM airflow to cool larger rooms.
  • This model is very much effective as the cooling pads filter out airborne particles. However, Luma Comfort makes high noise than many other evaporative coolers especially when it is operated on highest level, to reduce the noise; you have to run at low and medium speed levels.
  • Otherwise this model is very powerful and eco friendly. It comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty. You have to follow the manual of this model to take full advantage of the warranty as the using of EC220W outside of the recommendations will invalidate the warranty.
  • This unit works excellent in the arid environments but if you are living in high humid areas then it's not recommended for you because it can add moisture to the air.

5, The NewAir AF-1000W Portable Evaporative Cooler (White)

Main Features

  • If you are looking to cooling a small room this is a model you will enjoy it. The NewAir AF 1000 W model use water and air to provide cooling up to 300 square feet area.
  • If you are living in warm and dry climates, this model will meet the performance standards for this area. This unit includes many excellent features such as mobility of the model, as it's a portable unit with wheel caster to move it from room to room and the weight of unit is 23 pounds without water.
  • The want tank capacity is 5.3 gallon that is enough to operate for several hours. User can set the control setting easily using remote control from a distance. The model has a time of 10 hours after that user can decide how long they want to operate it.
  • NewAir AF has a 3 speeds fan from low, medium to high speeds and this model is eco-friendly which consumes little energy to provide enough cooling as compared to air conditioners for small rooms - It comes with one year's manufactures warranty.


6, The Sunpentown Evaporative Cooler with Remote

Main Features:

  • Again this will need to be used in a dry climate and this model has a 120 voltage and the timer for this model can be programmed which is great and it can be controlled by remote which gives you additional comfort.
  • It has the 3 D cooling pad and it works by endothermic reaction which is basically a reaction that consumes heat and can be used in various rooms in your office or house and is easily moved around due to its lighter weight of 30 Ibs. The process here for it to work is basically that the cooler will suck warm air through a wick saturated with water, the water evaporates consuming the heat and then cooler air is then blown out the front.
  • The pad from the cooler is made of cellulose paper and is treated with wetting agents to allow maximum absorption.
  • There is also an anti rot chemical that prevents the onslaught of bacteria or algae. This model is best used in an open space and you should leave a window or door open also and add ice to get the maximum effect. Finally there is warranty of 12 months and the size is 27.75'' H by 11'' W by 11.5'' D in inches and the cord length 6 inches. Please also note that there is also 2 cooling speeds and the max air flow is 294 cubic feet per minute


7, The Luma Comfort EC110S 250 Sq Ft Portable Evaporative Cooler

Main features:

  • This Luma Comfort Evaporative cooler has the patented cyclonic cooling technology to keep your living spaces more comfortable and it is designed to cover 250 square feet. There is also the added benefit of having it controlled by remote and also to have a 24 hour timer to give you added flexibility. It is also very light at only 16.2 Ibs so it makes the job or moving it around from room to room very easy.
  • In terms of water consumption, it can take approx. 1.5 gallons of water and there is also 2 ice containers that can be placed into the tank so that the times can be extended. One big advantage here is the reduced usage of electricity when compared to air conditioners and tends to only a fraction of the usage so it really is a cost effective cooling option to meet your needs.
  • Generally speaking, the type of results you can expect to get is a reduction in the temperature of approx. 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit which wont be as good as your air conditioner however you do have the lower price tag and the lower rate of electricity consumption
  • One of the main benefits is that if you have an air conditioner, adding this model to it can reduce the amount time the air conditioner will be running. The dimension for this model is 11.25 by 12.75 by 34.50  in inches, there are 3 cooling speeds, the water tank is removable and there is a 1 year warranty available.



On a final note, Evaporative coolers are easy to install, cost effective and environment friendly. An estimated cost for professional installation is half or less than central air conditioners whereas the operating cost is 1/8 times less than air conditioners. Maintenance of these coolers is very easy as compared to other cooling appliances. During the running condition of coolers frequent and high volumetric flow rate of air moves through the building reduces the age of air in the building significantly.

The cooling pads of cooler act as filter if properly maintained which provides fresh air. Users can easily control the cooler settings using remote control from the distance. In the above provided models Honeywell evaporative coolers are recommended as per most of the user’s feedback I have seen.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with your Evaporative Coolers with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!




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