Best Electric Cooktops – With Helpful Tips and FAQ


Hello once again and welcome to this detailed review for the best electric cooktop which are available across the marketplace and which are also available for delivery to your front door hassle free. Gone are those days when you complain about your traditional gas cooker almost every single day. You can shift to the electric range which has proven to be a very popular changeover in recent years.

Nowadays the modern kitchen ideas have presented an excellent blend of technology and design efficiency in the electric cooktops. If you are planning to buy electric cooktop for your home-kitchen or semi-restaurant, then it is essential to consider some factors. Like, what is the advantage of buying an electric cooktop or cooking appliance? Or, what type of electric cooktops should I buy? Or, which is the best electric cooktops with downdraft, smooth glass top, or coil burner? Or, which is the best electric cooktop brand? In this article, we will also take a look at some of these points which are outlined below.

Helpful tips to consider before you buy an Electric Cooktop…

The cooktop is an essential kitchen appliance without which we can’t survive. But nowadays the time and effort required for cooking have been reduced significantly. It is made possible by the technological advancement of cooktops and burners.

Gas vs Electric Cooktop: Both gas and electric cooktop have their own advantages and limitations. If you are a passionate cook who always needs to ensure even heating to preserve the taste and flavor of the food, then pick an electric glass top cooktop. This kind of electric smooth-top cooktop is easier to clean, which can save your time and effort. When you can’t wait for the cooktop to get heated, then gas cooktop is your right pick, as it provides instant heat. A gas cooker generally features a high-level boiling temperature. And gas cooking is cheaper in the long-term. If you want the food to be cooked in the least possible time, then go for an electric induction cooktop. And when your home is deprived of gas supply, then you don’t have any choice except buying electric or induction burner. Besides these, induction cooking saves energy waste and minimizes your bills.
Cleaning: Electric coil surfaces can be easily cleaned using traditional kitchen cleaning equipment and a sponge. Depending on the type of surface, you may need a commercially available stainless steel cleaner. Ceramic surface requires very careful cleaning method. Use a ceramic surface cleaner and soft cloth to maintain the surface of your ceramic device. Clean the overflow spill immediately with a paper towel, or shave spilled food with a razor or razor blade, to avoid scratching the surface.
Heat Cooked: The burner is fast heater, reaching the temperature faster than the ceramic burner. But the focus is on the ceramic cooks, creating an efficient cooking process. The coils are hot longer than ceramic burners and cause burns if you hit the coils extruding from the surface. A coil burner plugs into the power supply below the furnace surface. The connection may be loose, causing the drive to fail. Ceramic surfaces do not have this problem.
Surface Durability and Appearance: Coil surfaces are more durable than ceramic surfaces when you need to place objects over them. For example, you can place grocery bags on the coil surface without damaging any cooking surfaces. If you put the bag on the ceramic surface, however, it can scratch or otherwise damage the top. Ceramic surfaces are smooth and streamlined in the kitchen compared to the coils, protruding from the top of the cooktop, disrupting the eyesight of the appliance.
Size: Before buying any kitchen appliance, one must consider the fact that how much space is available in the kitchen to place that appliance safely. The size of the cooktop is a great element to find the best electric coil cooktop for your kitchen. If you have a generous kitchen and need to cook food to fit into the family, the 36-inch cooktop can be a good buy. And if you have a normal sized kitchen, go for a 30-inch electric coil cooktop. At the same time, you can choose, 24-inch burners according to your needs. In some cases, people prefer to buy an extra burner, next to the main cooktop. If you are one of those who are looking for an additional burner, the 12″ electric burner can meet your needs.
Cooking Area: How many cooking areas on the cooktop? A 36-inch electric burner usually holds 5-7 cooking zones. And you’ll find three to five cooking zones in a 30-inch electric burner.  By economic scope, you can pick up two-burner cooktop, good for small families. If you live in or own forms small kitchen, then you can go for the single burner electric coil cooktop.
Budget Range: Not to mention, budget range is one of the most important determinants while choosing any product. While buying the best electric coil cooktop, you may face a dilemma between budget and price. You need to ask yourself, are cheap products worth? There are a number of things to consider, such as product quality, replacement parts warranty, brand name, etc.

Some Frequently Asked Question from Buyers of Electric Cooktops…

Q. What is the most important thing to look for when buying electric cooktops?
A, It’s highly important that you look at the quality of material when buying electric cooktops. You want something that will last you for several years to come so, look carefully in other buyers reviews and make the best decision on your new electric cooktops Flexible design options — allows you more options for design, both in terms of aesthetics and convenience. You can place the appliance where it makes the most sense for you, such as on a kitchen island. Less heat in the kitchen — buying a cooktop means you’ll deal with less heat in your immediate area any time you are using both the cooktop and oven at the same.
Q, Is there a life time warranty when buying electric cooktops?
A. There are many different kinds of warranty, some of them come with a life time warranty, some have 2 years warranty or 5 years, and some have no warranty at all. We recommend going for bare minimum of 2 years warranty on your electric cooktops – that’s enough time to get value out of your new electric cooktops.
Q. Is it a wise idea buying electric cooktops online?
A. Personally I do most of my shopping online and buying electric cooktops is no difference to me. It’s so easy seeing all the different reviews, comparing different products and making a wise buying decision.
Q. What is the refund policy when buying an electric cooktop?
A. The online retailers below have a great refund policy if there anything wrong with your new electric cooktops buy in any case we suggest you read carefully the guaranty offered by each specific merchant and make a smart buying decision, as a general rule you can buy with confidence at these featured market places.
Q. What are the ranking factors you used to make your best electric cooktops list?
A. They are honestly too long to mention, we looked into all aspects of the specific electric cooktops we could find! Starting from reviews, price, features and others. Trying to find the very best electric cooktops is hard these days when so many different brands are fighting for our money. It’s a good problem to have though.

Best Electric Cooktops Reviewed - 10 Models (including smaller Portable options)

1, The Empava 24 inch Electric Induction Cooktop with Black Tempered Glass (EMPV-IDC24)


  • The Empava brand 24 inch is based on induction technology. This cook top Cooktop has a great combination of induction heating with easy cleaning like that of an electric cooktop. Induction heating is a novel technology that ensure precise temperature control with very high efficiency.
  • Extremely responsive heating process give you so much control over the temperature and heat delivered to the food under preparation. Since in induction technology the heat is directly generated in the cookware itself – the food under preparation gets heated directly but the cooktop remains cool and therefore less prone to accidental burning.  
  • It is easy to test if a cookware will work with induction heating –if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan then you are good to go. Safety is a priority with this design and the letter H appears wherever the cooktop becomes too hot to touch.
  • The cook top has smooth tempered glass surface that is very easy to clean with a simple wipe of a damp cloth. There are 9 heat level settings that allow a wide range of temperature so that any type of cooking can be done safely and easily.


2, The LG 30 inch Black Radiant Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (LCE3010SB)


  • The LG LCE3010SB 30 In. Electric Radiant Cooktop with SmoothTouch Controls is a great design with unbeatable performance. It has multiple heating elements which give precise and accurate heat at the required temperature e for optimum cooking experience.
  • The ‘SmoothTouch’ control buttons allow you to adjust any settings with a touch of a finger. The heating elements are very responsive to any settings. This is possible by the advanced ceramic glass elements and radiant glass cooking surface.  5 surfaces are provided with indicator lamps for their status.
  • The cooktop is quite compact and is 30 inches wide with multiple burners. These include a 6-inch, a 7-inch and 8-inch standard burner, and a dual burner that can expand from 6 to 9 inches, and a 6-inch warming burner. This range is more than adequate for average user. A variety of cooking pans and pots can be used simultaneously for cooking a number of dishes at the same time.
  • The best part is the control surfaces and indicator lamps which are located in a semi-circle for ease of use. There is a child lock and safety shut off functions to avoid any burning accidents. All-in-all a great cooktop with everything that you may wish for.


3, The Frigidaire Electric Cooktop (FFEC3624PB)


  • Frigidaire has always lead the way in innovative appliances in the kitchen. They were the first company to make an electric self-contained refrigerator, home freezer, and room air conditioner. As such, you know you can expect innovative products from them. The Frigidaire FFEC3624 Smooth Top Electric Cooktop delivers on the quality you should expect.
  • This beautiful electric cooktop, with its slick black design, will look great in any modern kitchen. If you are a messy cooker but want to keep this electric cooktop looking good, the manufacturers have you covered. The exclusive Spill Saver Design will prevent scratches and holding marks. This keeps the cooktop looking brand new after many uses.
  • The extra-large 12 element gives you space for larger pots and pans. Hot Surface Indicator alerts you when your cooktop may be too warm to touch. Ready-Select(R) Controls allow easy selection of options or control cooking temperature.  
  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop makes for a more beautiful cooktop that is easy to clean. Color-Coordinated Control Knobs which are White, Black and Bisque cooktops come with matching knobs - while Stainless Steel models feature in neutral black knobs. On Indicator alerts you when your cooktop is on.
  • The Frigidaire FFEC3624 comes with four heating elements. It has two 6-inch burners that can reach 1200 watts of heating power, while the other two burners can reach up to 2500 watts of heating power.
  • This cooktop also comes with color-coordinated control dials, making it easy to use without sacrificing the slick appearance.


4, The GE 30 inch Electric Cooktop (JP328SKSS)


  • GE JP328SKSS is an all-American product and a great choice for the users. General Electric understands why consumers expect high-quality products where they see the General Electric symbol.
  • The beautiful stainless-steel finish looks great in any kitchen, but especially older and more rustic kitchens. However, it also compliments a darker countertop very well.
  • The neutral black knobs also compliment any dark or rustic countertop this stovetop is placed on. This stovetop is extremely easy to install, and just as easy to clean. What this product does not have in fancy features, it makes up for in reliability and ease of use.
  • GE JP328SS is 30 inches wide and it is a built-In Electric Cooktop. It has two 8" and two 6" Plug-In Calrod Heating Elements. It has a front color-matched Glass Control Panel. There are Infinite heat rotary knobs for precise controls.
  • For easy cleaning it has chrome removable one-piece drip bowls. Overall it has Stainless Steel finish.


5, The GE 30 inch Coil Electric Cooktop


  • Another quality product from GE, this 30" coil electric cooktop is a slightly larger and more modern version. If I had to choose two words to describe this cooktop, I would choose ‘economical’  and  ‘efficient.’ For its low price, this cooktop can meet anyone's needs.
  • It has a slick black finish, so it looks great in any kitchen. It has 4 different heating elements, allowing you the variety to cook multiple dishes at once. If you like old school controls on your stovetop, GE has you covered. All of the controls are up front, instead of on the side.
  • Furthermore, this product is easy to clean. You can lift the top up, remove the knobs, and take out the heating elements, making it much easier for you to clean those pesky hard to reach areas. I know there is nothing I dislike more than a product that is not designed to be cleaned, but luckily this is not one of those products.
  • Like all GE, this product is compliant with safety standards, and, better yet, it comes with a free 10-year warranty on the major components.
  • That should give you some peace of mind when purchasing this cooktop!


6, The Whirlpool 30 inch Electric Cooktop (W5CE3024XB)


  • The Whirlpool W5CE3024XB Electric Whirlpool is another American Fortune 500 company known for their quality appliances. Their cooktops are no different, and this stove top looks amazing! The all black dials on the all-black smooth top looks slick and gorgeous.
  • The four heating elements give you variety and allow for quick boiling or easy simmering.
  • The knobs are also removable, and they're dishwasher safe! If there is something I like more than a product I can clean easily, it is a product that my dishwasher can clean for me! Moreover, this product comes with a hot surface indicator light for those of you who are clumsy and/or have kids
  • Also, because it is a ceramic electric stovetop, only the burners get hot. No more worrying about burning yourself on the rest of the stovetop. This also makes this product more energy efficient, saving you money on your bills.
  • The packaging for this stove top is top notch so you do not have to worry as much about it getting damaged when it is shipped to you if has dishwasher friendly safe knobs and comes in at a price tag or approx. $500 at Walmart which can be checked below.


7, The Ramblewood EC4-60 Electric Cooktop


  • This cooktop is certainly a popular option in many kitchens and the Ramblewood 4 burner 30" electric cooktop stands out in all the best ways. The heating elements have an original eye-popping look that is sure to wow house guests.
  • The Italian ceramic glass is both durable and good looking. This cooktop comes with precision analog controls that give you nine different power levels
  • A perfect stovetop for people who cook a variety of dishes! Two of the cooking elements are 1800watt and the other two are 1200watt. That means this stovetop is powerful and can handle whatever you throw at it.
  • The Ramblewood 4 Burner 30" electric cooktop is UL safety approved by the German EGO Burner.
  • Furthermore, it is also approved by the EGO energy regulator/controller. This means this stovetop will not drastically raise your electricity bill.
  • If you put a pan on the stovetop bigger than the cooking elements, it will not leave a stain. In addition to that, the knobs are a heat-resistant plastic, so they are dishwasher safe. You can use this beautiful stovetop and keep it clean with minimum hassle!
  • The analog knobs also give you precision when choosing the temperature, making it just as good as the LCD screens on other ceramic stovetops.


8, The Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner (CB-30)


  • This cooktop is a lot smaller that many of other models here and is more suited to the really small kitchen or smaller type family where only single pots are needed to cook at any given time. It can or course be used in other places such as patios, RV’s, dorm rooms or even boats.
  • It comes under the brand of Cuisinart and includes a heavy duty cast iron plate which will stand the test of time and has the ability to perform to your expectations.
  • It has 6 separate heat settings and the safe indicator lights to let you know if it is on or off.
  • In addition, it has 1300 watts which will heat up very quickly and of course there are no coils which makes the cleaning up afterwards a breeze.
  • The size for this single burner is only 5.8 by 15.4 by 13.8 inches  and weighs less than 7 Ibs and it is also important to point out that it is made from stainless steel.
  • One last thing is that is also has rubber feet to avoid slippages and I have seen it on sale at around the $60 region which can be checked further below.


9, The Elite Cuisine Electric Double Cast Burner Hot Plate (EDB-302F)


  • This electric cooktop under the Elite Cuisine brand has powerful 1400 watts and dual adjustable temperature controls to give you more flexibility when it is time to start cooking.
  • There are just 2 burners here which are 7 inches and 6 inches and the cooking plates are made from cast iron and are nonstick which is one less thing to worry about.
  • There is also the indicator light to let you know if it is on or off and of course it can be easily picked up and moved around to wherever you need it – it is just a matter of plugging it in where you need to heat up your food be it your camping trip, at school or wherever.
  • It is also very small with a dimension of 18.8 by 11.5 by 3.7 in inches, it weighs less than 5 Ibs and is available at a competitive price at Walmart which is definitely worth checking out


10, The Salton Portable 21 inch Electric Cooktop with 2 Burners


  • This electric cook top from Salton has just 2 burners included so is more suited for your less busier kitchen, smaller family or where you just need to have to pots or pans cooking simultaneously at any given time.
  • It is an infrared portable cooktop which is compatible on several work tops such as ceramic, aluminum or glass.
  • In addition, there is the stainless steel design and will perform as good as other stove tops and can be used where needed be it on camp sites, smaller homes or kitchens and will simmer or boil - whatever you need by using the temperature settings correctly.
  • There is also the hot surface indicator light, the size is only 3.3H by 20.9W by 9D in inches and weighs less than 7 Ibs.
  • One good thing that you will really like is that there is a 5 year warranty available when you buy and I have seen it on sale with Wayfair for less than $60.


In addition, further options of Electric Cooktops can be viewed or compared more by clicking on any of the Electric Cooktop images provided below

On a final note, everyone likes a clean kitchen. There is nothing worse than a device that has difficult to clean areas. When it comes to the best electric coil cooktop, most come with a dishwasher safe jar that can easily be cleaned. If hygiene is a priority for you, make sure the knob is detachable and the dishwasher safe before you buy. In addition, it saves you money, looks better, and cooks more regularly. Right now, they are more affordable than ever, and you have many options to choose from here but also to make sure to check the prices through the images provided.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with your favorite Electric Cooktops with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!

Finally, I hope this review, tips and FAQ on the best Electric Cooktops has helped you out and best of luck with your cooking in the months and years ahead.



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