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Greetings and welcome to this detailed review for the Best Deep Fryers which are available in the marketplace at present and which can also be delivered to your home hassle free. This review will outline also a selection of prices to suit everyone’s needs so there will definitely be a model here that can work for you.

The deep frying basically means frying your food completely in oil at high temperature and in modern fryers, the basket is used for the purposes of deep frying. This perforated basket is inserted in the hot oil for frying and then taken out when frying is complete so your Deep fryers then have the ability to cook fast food and to give them a crispy texture. Generally speaking there are three different types of deep fryers.

Electric Deep Fryers: The Electric deep fryers the most common type of the fryers. They are safe to use at home when compared to propane deep fryers, but a minority of people think they cannot produce the required results they need. The majority of people though are more than happy with their performance.
Propane Deep Fryers: These can give a lot more tasty and crispy food with delicious taste. Propane deep fryers can only be used outdoors, because they used propane. It is dangerous to use them inside a home because of the propane as if it leaks down, it can cause a lot of damage for you.
Air Fryers: Air fryers use a technology that consumes heat in the food from all sides that make it crispy from the outside and soft from the inside so Air-frying is healthier, safer and of course they are easier to clean.

Tips to Consider when buying a Deep Fryer…

Overview: To buy a deep fryer, online or from the local stores, is not an easy task for which can meet all your cooking requirements. These days the market is full of different types of fryers with lots of versatile features. This could be a huge challenge to invest in one of the many deep fryers available in the market. Here are some important factors and features when you should look around for buying a suitable machine for you.
Capacity: A fryer with a right capacity is considered a very important factor. If you have a big family with a number of people to cook for, then you have to cook in multiple batches, which take longer time. A 4-cup deep fryer will make two small servings, 6 cups will make two big or three small servings, and 12 cups can serve the purpose for a big family. Similarly, if you want to fry a complete chicken then you will need a fryer with a larger capacity than normal.
Power: More power with a higher voltage means the stronger the fryer with powerful heating elements. This helps to cook the food faster because oil is heated up quickly and as a result the required temperature for cooking the food is achieved earlier. This is the key to performance of the fryer: the process of frying starts faster which make the food crispy from outside while from inside the food still has some moisture without absorbing the oil.
Temperatures: The ideal temperature for frying a food is 375 F. While most of modern fryers have a control panel with adjustable temperatures, the control provides an opportunity to cook different types of foods that you like.
Basket: Mostly the frying baskets have a hook to hold and load the frying basket into the fryer. You can also hang the basket on the side of fryer so that all the extra oil drains out from the food before eating it.
Cleaning: It is very difficult to clean the deep fryer if it is made up of normal material. The non-stick material makes the cleaning very easy. In addition, also look for a stainless-steel basket it resists the rusting and pitting. A few deep fryers have dishwasher-protected accessories, but most of them require hand-washing.

Some Frequently Asked Questions from users of Deep Fryers…

Q: Which types of oils are better suited for deep frying?
A: Mostly vegetable oils (Canola, Soybean, Sunflower, Safflower etc.) are used in the deep fryers. Normally they have neutral flavor with a high smoke point. These properties make them better suited for frying.
Q: Is it healthy to use deep fried food?
A: Sorry no - deep-fried food is not considered healthy at all and should only be used as part of a balanced diet.
Q: How long can you keep oil in a deep fryer?
A: It is recommended to replace with new oil after a certain period of time.
Q: What is the best temperature for frying?
A: High temperatures are used for deep frying. It mainly depends on the recipe, size and the amount of the food which you are cooking so you will need to check the individual instruction manual.
Q: How do you clean a deep fryer?
A: First clean the food particles and debris from the fryer by using a soft tissue paper and for washing you can use hot soapy water.

Best Deep Fryers – 10 Models - Across 3 Channels

1, The T-fal Family Professional 3.17 Qt. Deep Fryer


  • First off, this deep fryer from T-fal is ideally suited for families which has the ability to hold 2.6 Ibs of food and 3 liters of oil so definitely consider this model if you need something for a larger group of people.
  • The thermostat is also adjustable so you can set whatever temperature you need to get the best possible results possible. It also has handles that are cool to touch and the lid also has the viewing window.
  • It has the auto shut off system, the parts are dishwasher friendly, the temperature gauge light appears when it is ready to use and the basket can easily be folded for easier storage.
  • This deep fryer is 13.6'' H x 12'' W x 19.3'' D in size and it weighs approx. 13 Ibs
  • In terms of warranty, there is 12 months provided and the price tag with Wayfair varies in the region of $40 to $64 which can be viewed below.


2, The Presto CoolDaddy Elite Cool-Touch Electric Deep Fryer


  • Next on the list for you to consider is the Presto CoolDaddy Elite Cool touch electric deep fryer which has received excellent reviews throughout and will give you excellent results and levels of performance
  • It has a big 6 cup food capacity in an attractive compact size that will not take up too much space. One thing here also is that the pot for frying can be easily removed for cleaning and the exterior handle lowers food into oil with the cover closed to prevent spattering all over the place.
  • Once started, it is covered and locked which prevents any unwanted odors around your kitchen and the removable charcoal filter absorbs frying odors – please note also that the filter is easily replaceable
  • In terms of size, it comes in at 14.75 by 10.75 by 9 in inches and the price bracket available when last checked was $30 to $40 at Walmart which of course can be double checked below


3, The T-fal Ultimate EZ Clean Electric Deep Fryer (FR8000)


  • As the name outlines, the T-fal FR8000 Electric is designed to clean up easily and it has a unique oil filtration system for cleaning the oil after frying for future use.
  • It is stored in a separate plastic container to prevent oil pollution and the T-fal Ultimate Electric Deep Ferry is ideal for healthier fried foods. This is because it is provided with an advance oil heating system which provides a suitable temperature for frying.
  • In this way, exterior of the food items remains sealed, so it absorbs minimum amount of oil and as a result healthier fried food is obtained with less amount of fat contents.
  • With a 1700 watt, it is guaranteed to heat the oil faster and uniformly. The adjustable thermostat with variable temperature options is used to make delicious fried food and it has an oil capacity is 3.5 liters and 2.65 pounds of food which is sufficient for a large family.


4, The Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer (05420)


  • Next on the list for you to consider is the Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer which are proven to be very reliable, has a high level of customer satisfaction with several positive reviews.
  • Here you can save on the oil – it has a 4 to 4 oil to food ratio to make 4 large servings with only 4 cups of oil.
  • It can work with French fries, onion rings, chicken and many more and included also is the scoop lift to drain the oil away so you don’t end up with a messy basket to clean afterwards.
  • In addition, it operates with a power of 1200W and the surface inside and outside are non stick to ensure you have an easy job of cleaning up afterwards.
  • For your convenience, it will store the oil so that it can be used again so here you can save money with oil usage and a 12 month warranty is also provided if you decide to buy

5, The Hamilton Beach 2.84 Liter Triple Basket Deep Fryer


  • This deep fryer from Hamilton Beach has the 2.84 liter capacity and a triple basket and is based on a commercial model brought down to a home size version for perfect results. It has a large 12 cup capacity so is ideal for the larger groups that need to be fed quickly.
  • The heating element here is immersed so that the oil heats up very quickly and the ready light will switch on once it is ready to be used. In addition, you get the double basket so that 2 types of foods can be cooked at the same time and each of the 3 baskets have hooks to assist in the draining.
  • The temperature settings are adjustable to suit your needs and there is also the audible timer to help you keep on top of the frying procedures.
  • The parts here are dishwasher friendly, the size comes in at 11'' H by 14.8'' W by 15.6'' D in inches and the price tends to be around the $60 to $100 mark at Wayfair depending on discount activities.


6, The Cuisinart 1.1 Qt. Deep Fryer (CDF-100)


  • Another deep fryer that you should definitely take a closer look at is the Cuisinart 1.1 Qt. Deep Fryer which is a smaller slim sized deep fryer that will fit nicely and snugly on your countertop.
  • There is a capacity of 0.75 Ibs in the frying basket and the maximum oil capacity is 1.1 liter and the maximum temperature here that it can cook to is 375 F. Some of the items for cooking will only take 3 to 4 minutes also depending on the settings you use.
  • Once of the biggest attractions here is how easier it is to clean afterwards and also the fact that it can be stored neatly away and it is also very much beginner friendly.
  • There is also the nonstick die-cast bowl with an attached heating element for superior heating and you also get the removable charcoal filter for odor removal. It operates off 1000W of power and is programmable.
  • In terms of warranty, you get a longer 3 years, the weight is only 5Ibs and the dimensions are approx. 7.25'' H by 11.25'' W by 8.25'' D in inches

7, The Farberware 4L Deep Fryer (Stainless Steel)


  • Another deep fryer that has proven to be an excellent performer is the Farberware 4 Liter Deep Fryer which is made from Stainless Steel housing and the oil pan is enamel coated also.
  • It has proven to be robust and trustworthy and gives your cooking experience a new sense of achievement.
  • The lid has a viewing window also so you can see the progress, the temperature can be set differently with the controls, the heating element is immersed for quicker heating and starting and you get the 2 smaller baskets and also the larger basket to use all included.
  • The size here is 15.12"L by 14.33"W by 10.51"H in inches, you get a 2 year warranty and the price at Walmart tends to be in the $35 to $50 bracket which can be double checked below.


8, The Hamilton Beach 2 Liter Deep Fryer


  • This model is designed to enable multipurpose functions. It has 8 cup (1.9L) oil capacity which means that you can cook for the whole family. The size is 10.5'' H by 10.25'' W by 16.22'' D and weighs just 4 Ibs
  • You can easily fry a 6 cup French fries or chicken meat slices in it at a time and with multiple heating elements which can easily be removed, it guarantees the fast heating of oil and frying. The lid remains closed during the cooking which prevents the splashing of oil.
  • Unlike other fryers it also has a lid with a glass window that you can see and can always check up on what's cooking and it is also programmable.
  • In terms of warranty, you get 1 year and the price range at Wayfair is generally around the $45 to $60 range.


9, The KRUPS Professional Deep Fryer with 3 Frying Baskets (KJ502D51)


  • Another favorite in many kitchens is the reliable KRUPS Professional Deep Fryer with 3 Frying Baskets which is made with stainless steel model number KJ502D51 which is certainly worth taking a look at.
  • It is perfect for families with the three frying baskets and it holds 4.5 L of oil and also 2.6 Ibs of food so there will be plenty to go around without having to cook multiple batches. You can use either the 2 smaller baskets at once or decide to use the larger single basket if needed.
  • There are preset temperature functions included to make it easier to use even for the inexperienced cooks and can be set for French fries, chicken, donuts or onion rings.
  • In terms of dimensions, this model comes in at 30.7 by 18.9 by 14.6 in inches and the price tag with Walmart tends to be in the $70 to $100 bracket which of course can be easily viewed or checked below.


10, The DeLonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer (D34528DZ)


  • Last on the list is the DeLonghi Dual Zone Deep Fryer and it has a capacity of 3 pounds which means you can cook for a complete entire family or for different meals in a party. The dual zone technology is used in this fryer to prevent the food from burning and food is prepared with your liking and taste.
  • This feature is designed to prevent burning of food, creation of oil vapors and smell of food to spread around the entire home. The other advance feature present in this dryer is Frying Oil
  • Drainage System which is used for recycling, cleaning feeding and to replace the used oil.
  • It keeps 4 liters of oil, which allow frying the food equally and uniformly. The adjustable digital thermostat is used to set the heating between 300 and 370 degrees F for frying at different mode of temperatures.
  • The digital timer is used to cook food automatically preventing it from over frying and the heating element is easy to remove which helps in quick and easy cleaning of the fryer. In addition, the oil bowl, basket for frying and lid are dish washer safe.


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