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Greetings once again and thanks a million for taking the time to visit – if you are looking for a reliable and trusted Corded Chainsaw, then make sure to take a quick look at this review for the Best Corded Chainsaws which are available at present and which can also get delivered to your home in a matter of just a few days.

We have trialled and tested various models across many of the top brands in the industry and we have nominated 7 Corded Chainsaws here on this list which will give you the performance levels you need. There is also a selection of lower priced options included here to suit everyone’s budget levels and also a selection of the higher spec premium models to choose from also.

Before you view the models selected on this list, feel free also to view the videos below which outline some tips when it comes to using a Chainsaw as safety must be your number 1 priority at all times…

Video - How to use a Chainsaw - Tips

Video - How to manage and operate a Chainsaw - Tips

Best Corded Chainsaws Reviewed

7 Recommended Options

1, The WORX 14.5 Amp Electric 16 Inch Chainsaw - WG303.1


  • First on this list is the WORX WG303.1 14.5 Amp Electric 16 Inch Chainsaw which has proven to be very popular among people in the industry and comes in at a price level that you can afford. You also get the comfortable grip and the oil reservoir features coming in as standard.
  • Included here is the 3.5 peak horsepower, the automatic tool-free chain tensioning system and please note also that there is a built in chain brake for your added protection. No assembly is required as it is ready to use straight out of the box as soon as you get it.
  • This tension auto system will prevent it getting too tight also which extends the shelf life and comes with an operational bar length of 16 inches long. There is also the patented tool free chain replacement which is a major benefit and bonus when the time comes.
  • Pricewise, it is one of the best that we have come across and tends to be on sale for between $70 and $100 when we last seen it on sale which can be double checked below if you feel this would be of interest to you.


2, The Black + Decker 15 Amp 18 Inch Corded Chainsaw - CS1518


  • The second model that deserves a closer look is the Black + Decker 15 Amp 18 Inch Corded Chainsaw coming with a model number CS1518 which also has proven to be give reliable results and thus has received several positive reviews across the industry.
  • There is the 15 AMP motor to give extra power and cutting power for thicker type branches. There is also the 18 inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain included and the tool-free chain tensioning system for your added benefit.
  • Another popular feature here is the fact that it has the chain break feature for added safety during your working jobs and the fact that it has an auto oiling system is one less thing to be worried about. There is also a clear window so that the oil levels can be checked whenever you want.
  • In addition, there is the Guide bar scabbard which protects the blade when tool is not being used and the price is more or less the same and tends to be around the $70 to $100 depending on ongoing discount activities.


3, The Remington 14 Inch 8 Amp Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw - 41AZ52AG983


  • At number 3, we have the lower priced yet very reliable Remington 14 Inch 8 Amp Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw which is perfect if you need to work off a lower budget than normal and the price levels here are very difficult to beat.
  • Despite the lower price levels, this Corded Chainsaw performs exceptionally well for the amount of money you need to pay. There is only 8 AMP power when compared to the higher ones above but it still can perform on smaller type projects very effectively and efficiently.
  • The chain will need to be adjusted manually as it is non automatic, it is very lightweight and simple to carry around and will not cause much fatigue and is more suited for your smaller trimming type needs rather than you bigger thicker type branches.
  • There is the 14 inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain included and the size is only approx. 7 by 30 by 10 in inches. If you only need a smaller type chainsaw for trimming that comes with a low price, then this is the model for you as it has been seen on sale with Walmart for between $30 and $50 which of course can be double checked below if you think this will work for you.


4, The Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw 18 inch 14 Amp - SWJ701E


  • At number 4, we have the trusted Sun Joe Electric Chain Saw which is 18 inch and 14 Amp and comes under model number SWJ701E. This is slightly longer coming in at 18 inches and the 14 amp power is quite similar to several other models on this list.
  • Starting this chainsaw is really easy with the push of a button and the powerful 14-amp motor tackles tough cutting jobs more so than just the lower level trimming. Included here is the 18-inch self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain and it comes with the CSA approval as standard and also the full 2-year warranty which gives additional confidence before you buy.
  • You will also really like the lightweight design here with the ergonomic handle which has the ability to maximize the comfort level as you cut away. For you added safety, there is also the hand guard with kickback brake function to ensure you are protected at all times while you use it.
  • The size of this chain saw comes in at approx. 40 by 10 by 7.5 in inches and is ideal for the likes of thicker branches, limbs, firewood and logs. The weight is also less than 10 Ibs which makes the overall experience of using it simple and easy to control. Price wise, it would be very similar to what we have seen elsewhere when compared to similar models and can range anywhere from $70 to $100


5, The Greenworks 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Chainsaw - 20232


  • The next corded chainsaw that deserves to be considered also is the Greenworks 16 Inch 12 Amp Corded Chainsaw model number 20232 as again it tends to come with a price tag that is very hard to beat and which also has received several positive reviews and feedback from representatives across the industry.
  • The motor is slightly less powerful coming in at 12 Amp but still has enough power to tackle the smaller type branches and trimming that is needed across your yard. The bar is 16 inches long and the chain rips through limbs making clean up jobs easier to get completed. This model also has the tool-less chain tensioning for quick adjustments.
  • In addition, the model also has the Metal bucking spikes which provides added grip while cutting a tree when you need to and the wrap-around handle provides you with additional comfort while you are clearing any debris.
  • Please note also that this chainsaw operates at 6k RPM and the size to work with is 31 by 7 by 11 in inches. As mentioned, the price level is also ideal if you need to work at a lower level and is generally found at between $50 and $80 when we last seen it on sale.


6, The Poulan 14 Inch 9 Amp Electric Corded Chainsaw - PL914


  • At number 6, we would like to outline the Poulan 14 inch 9 Amp Electric Corded Chainsaw that comes under model number PL914 which has less power than some but is also matched with the lower price tag.
  • Included here is the simple chain tensioning system with no tools required on your end to tension the chains. There is also the automatic chain oiler and is more suited for lighter type work such as lighter branches, firewood and trimming rather than heavy duty thicker branches.
  • It is powered by the 9Ah motor and has a bar length of 14 inches. One thing also to note is the fact it has the inline engine design for added control and balance as you work this tool and there is also the easy to see chain brake alert. It is also a tool free tensioning chain system on the side.
  • The oiler here is also automatic to keep the chain lubricated at all times which also help with less kick-back and lower levels of maintenance required. If you require a chainsaw for lighter duty work rather than heavy duty work, this model could work for you as the price is attractive also


7, The WEN 16 Inch 12 Amp Electric Chainsaw


  • The last model today that deserves a closer look also by you is the WEN 16 Inch Electric Chainsaw which has a power motor level of 12 amps for cutting and sawing and which also rotates the Oregon chain at up to 44 feet per second while you work and the size to note is approx. 20 by 8 by 11 in inches.
  • This chainsaw is ideal for your lighter duty type work such as fire logs, small branches, small bushes, small trees and trimming to keep your garden clear and tidy from overgrown branches that have grown out of control.
  • Included here also with this model is the automatic oil system to keep the oil lubricated at all times to reduce maintenance work and kick-back. This also helps with extending the shelf life of this tool and one of the main things also is the fact that it is a lightweight tool which makes operation very easy and reduces the level of fatigue you may get.
  • Please also note that this is a tool-free chain which makes changes easy and fast when it comes to chain replacement. One other bonus is the fact that there is a 2 year warranty and also a network of technicians available to call if you need to ask for additional help or support.


Finally, it would be greatly appreciated by the community if you can share your own favorite Corded Chainsaws and the reasons why by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!!!

Many thanks again for taking the time to visit and best of luck with your final decision…


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  1. Thank you for sharing this useful list as I have been undecided for the past few days which one to buy, based on this it would be narrowed down to just 2, that is the Sun Joe and the Greenworks corded chainsaws, looks like I may have to toss a coin, or maybe the Sun Joe as it gives a slight bit more power! cheers for compiling this list as finally I think my pondering is over!

  2. Great videos here, I certainly learned a lot from them alone as safety would always be my main concern whenever using a powerful tool like a chainsaw.  My preferred and most use brand is WEN so that would be an obvious choice for me and the price being just under $60 is certainly the best for anyone seeking a bargain here in my view.

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