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Greetings once more and welcome to this detailed compilation review of the Best Ceiling Fans that are available to order online today and get delivered to your home hassle free. Getting the best ceiling fan is the way to have a good air circulation in your home - Whether you are buying your new ceiling fan or looking to replace an older one, you will have to spend an awful lot of time browsing through what the market has to offer either way. In fact, the wide variety available may make it difficult to find one that is guaranteed to offer everything you need down to the smallest detail.

To save you from the trouble of having to go through all that yourself, we have put together a list of over 10 best ceiling fans money can buy for you to look at. When air is evenly distributed throughout your home, you will feel like the room you’re in is larger and lighter which is a very pleasant experience to have.

You’re probably looking for the top rated ceiling fans so that you make the best choice. In order to pick the one that best suits your needs, I’ve written these ceiling fans reviews which can serve you the best across 3 different online retail chains so make sure to view the price checkers provided below.

Helpful Tips to consider when buying your Ceiling Fan…

Ceiling fans come in a huge variety of shapes, styles and sizes. If you are buying a new fan it’s important that you make sure you get one that it is the appropriate size and style for your room. Think about the technical specifications as well as the look, and choose a fan that has a long warranty.

  • Room Dimensions: Before you go ahead and buy your new ceiling fan, there are a number of factors and variables that you need to take into account. The first of these is the size of the room you are buying the fan for. To make sure that the fan works effectively you need to ensure that it is big enough for the space. Get hold of a tape measure and determine the length and width of the room. A larger fan will work better in a larger room - A larger fan will work better in a larger room
  • Measure the Ceiling Height: Once you have measured the height and width of the room, you need to measure the ceiling height. This measurement will give you the overall size of the room, as well as helping you to determine how far from the ceiling you can suspend the fan.As a general rule the fan should always be suspended at least seven feet above the floor of the room. If you have a ceiling height of nine feet or more, you can use a longer drop rod to increase the distance between the ceiling and the fan.
  • Fan Size: Now you have all the measurements, you need to match your room to a recommended fan size. Multiply the length of the room, by the width of the room to find an approximate value for the square footage of the room. Once you have this number, you can match it to a fan size. Some common matches are as follows:
  • A room of up to 75 square feet = a 29-36 inch fan
  • A room of 76-144 square feet = a 36-42 inch fan
  • A room of around 144-225 square feet = a 44 inch fan
  • A room of between 225-400 square feet = a 50-54 inch fan
  • A room of up to 500 square feet = a 60 inch (150 cm) fan


  • Drop Rod Length: You will now have to decide on a drop rod length that fits the ceiling height of the room. Remember that you should always ensure you have at least seven feet of clearance beneath the fan and the floor for safety reasons. If the ceiling is low, only 7-7 ½ feet, you can get a hugger fan, which is suspended very close to the ceiling. Choose a close adapter fan for ceilings that are between 7.5 and 8 feet. For higher ceilings you will need a drop rod of the appropriate length. Standard fans tend to be designed for rooms with ceilings between 8 and 9 feet high. For a room like this you will not need to add any length to the down rod. For taller ceilings the recommendations are as follows:
  • 9 feet ceiling = 12 inch drop rod
  • 10 feet ceiling = 18 inch drop rod
  • 11 feet ceiling = 24 inch drop rod
  • 12 feet ceiling = 36 inch drop rod
  • 13 feet ceiling = 48 inch drop rod


  • Look Online: After you have determined all the information you need about the size and specification of the fan, you should spend a little time researching pricing online. Doing some research will help you get a clearer picture of the pricing range and different places that sell fans. Make it done before you go to the store to help you to make a more informed decision. Looking online will also enable you to see user reviews of different fans, which can give you a useful insight - Remember that user reviews are not always completely reliable.
  • Warranty: Fans come in wide-range of prices, starting as cheap as around $50. Remember that this is a potentially big purchase which requires installation and you will not want to have to replace it regularly. It can be hard to judge the quality or longevity of a product, but a good general guide is to pay attention to the length of warranty on offer. As a general rule for ceiling fans, you should try to get one that has a warranty of at least ten years.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Ceiling Fans

Q: How does a ceiling fan cool and warm a room?
A: Ceiling fans can make a room feel 8 degrees F cooler by producing a wind chill effect. The fan doesn't actually lower the temperature of the room but instead makes it feel cooler. Similarly, by running a ceiling fan in reverse, the warm air that rises to the ceiling is distributed which making the temperature of the room feel warmer.
Q: How low should a ceiling fan hang?
A: According to standard recommendations, ceiling fans should not be hanged lower than 7 feet from the floor. For safety reasons its better always to have above 8 feet.
Q: How does dust accumulation on ceiling fans affect their performance?
A: As icing on an airplane wing, dust on a ceiling fan blade can spoil the fan performance. The effect can be as much as a 10% loss of flow during running with clean blades.
Q: Can rechargeable batteries be used with the remote controls for the fans?
A: Yes, you can use rechargeable AAA batteries. The Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) types work most excellent. But these have to be charged twice a year and the investment is a cost effective one.
Q: What is the difference between Metal & Timber Blades?
A: Fundamentally, metal blade fans are more competent at moving the air but produce additional noise, although timber blades are less noisy but they shift less air.  A metal blade can be contoured to a specific shape it is superior at moving the air however in doing so it creates sound as it moves to the higher speeds.  Timber blades can be mounted on an angle but the blade is just flat, this is much quieter, however it moves a little less air that a metal blade fan.  Metal blades are popular and would not keep you up at night on the other hand timber blade fans have been more popular choice for bedrooms if you like silence.

 Best Ceiling Fans - Our Personal Top Picks for You!

1, The Hunter 52 inch Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Brazilian Oak Blades, Bronze

  • The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe fan is a perfect fan for anybody who needs to balance conventional and modern style, and its capability to blend in with nearly any interior decoration has made it a best-selling ceiling fan. This model is appropriate for rooms up to 400 square feet, the fan has 52-inch blades and is available in all white or either cherry/stained oak with brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze accents.
  • The motor has lifetime warranty. A bowl light need two 60-watt candelabra bulbs is included with the Hunter 53091, but even it can be installed without the light. Some users advise that the light is little faint to be the only light source in a large room. Installation of this fan is quite easy, as reviewers say, with simple instructions that smooth the process even for people doing for first times. It can be installed using standard, flush or angled mounting for additional adaptability.
  • It also includes a reversible motor with pull chain operation. However, it doesn’t come with a remote, although it’s easy to add it later.
  • Users rave about how calm this fan is, even at higher speeds and the price is not bad either and I have seen it for available for less than $120 typically



2, The Emerson Tilo 30 inch Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan (CF130)

  • People who desire a contemporary ceiling fan that makes a testimonial in a room that already has ample lighting will want to check out the Emerson Tilo Low-Profile Ceiling Fan. This modest fan model is most excellent for small rooms, where it has 3 blades that span 30 inches are more than powerful enough to keep air moving.
  • It’s available in the market in all white or cherry with either brushed steel or oil-rubbed bronze accents. The motor is backed by lifetime warranty.
  • However the Emerson CF130 Tilo comes without a light, a compatible light kit that needs two 50 watt candelabra bulbs is available. Users are saying that Emerson CF130 Tilo fan is very quiet and simple to install, and they say its compact size makes it particularly perfect for limited areas rooms with lower ceilings.
  • It can be installed flush to the ceiling or with down rods on ceilings up to nine feet tall, although the company producer recommends addition to longer down rods for higher ceilings.
  • It has further features including a 4 speed sliding wall control and a reversible motor. The only drawback is that there is no remote or chain control.


3, The Hampton Bay Middleton 42 Inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

  • Hampton Bay Middleton ceiling fan is the name of quality, affordability for everyone. Reasonably priced fans can run for years with periodic use, despite of the season.
  • The Hampton Bay Middleton 42" fan is the ideal selection to save some money without compromising on the quality.
  • The fan is big enough to circulate air in small rooms around the home. Subsequently, to the price tag, the greatest thing about this fan is the flexibility it offers.
  • It has 5 fan blades which are reversible so you can select between a maple or cherry finish.
  • The white globe light matches a variety of interior decor styles ranging from conventional to modern.
  • The entire setup is energy saving with easy installation, which included mounts and lighting kit and I have seen on sale for less than $60 which is a good bargain for what you get


4, The Hunter Fan 54 inch Bayview 5-Blade Provincial Gold (54098)

  • If you are searching for a long lasting and heavy duty outdoor ceiling fan, then you have to take a look at the Energy Star-rated Hunter Bay view, which is optimized for use in moist outdoor environments such as covered porches.
  • This fan has 5 sturdy plastic 54-inch blades, meaning it can move a ton of air in spaces up to approximately 485 square feet.
  • It is available in white with white blades or muted gold with dark brown blades. It has exciting features as reversible whisper wind motor that is meant to reduce noise on all speed settings, and a 3 speed pull chain control.
  • The motor has limited lifetime warranty. You can install it in any way as your requirements, flush mounted or angle mounted.
  • Most of reviewers gave excellent feedback because of installation is quite simple and easy, and they particularly like the design for tropical-style patios and sunrooms.
  • More significantly, this fan does what it needs to, moves a lot of air gently. It does not come with a light, but a light kit can be added later as per your need.


5, The Hunter  Builder Plus 52 Inch Ceiling Fan with Five Brazilian Cherry Harvest Mahogany Blades (53237)

Overview of Features

  • If you are looking for a inexpensive, classic-looking ceiling fan then you should think about the Hunter 53237 model.  It is appropriate for rooms up to 485 square feet, It has 5 blades which can easily handle family rooms and other outsized spaces.
  • It is available in brushed nickel and Brazilian cherry, oil-rubbed bronze and mahogany and all white options. The motor of this model has lifetime warranty. The Hunter 53237 has a light fixture with 3 bell shaped, whirl glass shades.
  • It comes with 3 60-watt candelabra bulb. Users say that fixture provides a soft light that is okay for a bedroom, but probably not sufficient for bigger spaces. When comes to Installation, it gets mixed reviews, some users say, its quite easy, but others saying need professional to do installation.
  • This 2 speed fan can be installed standard, flush, or angled mounting. It has additional features including a reversible motor and pull chain operation. It’s easy as much as necessary to add a remote control.
  • Another plus point is that the noise level is almost nothing.


6, The Litex Vortex 30-Inch Ceiling Fan (BRC30WW6L)

Overview of Features:

  • Designed for large indoor spaces, the Litex BRC30WW6L enjoys a flush mount construction with a fashionable white finish.
  • Thanks to a surprisingly quiet motor and a wobble-free operation, indeed this ceiling fan is definitely among the most stable and reliable fans in this price range.
  • Interestingly enough, it also comes with a 15-year warranty, which is no small feat for such an inexpensive ceiling fan and is 30 inches.
  • A great option who wants an all-white finish fan and the only drawback is that the dust will appear quicker so more frequent dusting will be required on your part.


7, The Westinghouse Brentford Ceiling Fan (7800000)

Overview of Features

  • There is perhaps no better ceiling fan out there than Westinghouse’s Brentford 52-inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan. This ingenious fan features a reliable silicon steel motor with a triple capacitor and three fan speeds to choose from along with fully reversible capabilities.
  • With 5,062 CFM airflow and a 55-watt energy usage, this fan stands out as one of the most practical on the market, both in regard to its energy-saving capabilities and CFM per watt index.
  • What’s interesting is that it also comes with a lifetime motor warranty for the event that its long-lasting motor somehow breaks down at some point.
  • Pricewise – you can expect to pay a lot more and I have seen for sale as high as $250 to $280 region.


8, The River of Goods 52 inch Punched Metal Crystal 5-Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote

Overview of Features:

  • The ceiling fan has 3 layer tiers of beautiful crystal which will brighten up your room in a stylish and elegant manner and has 149 crystals highlighted by 6 different lights.
  • In terms of the 5 blades, they have a natural wood grain texture, they are reversible and they allow high performance air movements. One side of the blades includes a mahogany finish which again adds style and elegance.
  • There is the 3 speed motor reversible and the pull chain switches allow for light operation and also power on and off and there is the longer downrod (21 inch0 and short downrod (4 inch) for 2 display options as well as flush mounted.
  • Please note though this ceiling fan will need to be installed by a certified electrician so please don’t take it on yourself if you don’t have the experience.
  • Included is the lightkit (no bulbs) and is ideal for a room size approx. 12 to 14. When using the shorter 4 inch rod, the measurement is 18 inches from the ceiling to bottom of the light.
  • In relation to price, this is a more elegant option and will cost you in the region of $200 to $300 but check today’s price below


On a final note, as long as you do not need to deal with the electrical motor, maintaining your ceiling fan should be an easy task. It is important that you dust the blades on a regular basis to maximize its performance. Dirt and dust can affect the efficiency of a ceiling fan. Therefore, it is essential that you keep the blades clean to get the most out of the air circulation in the room. For the motor, your best option is to call in an expert, even if the motor just needs lubrication.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with Ceiling Fans with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!




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  1. I love ceiling fans!!! We have lived in houses both with and without ceiling fans. Any that didn’t have ceiling fans then we have installed them. I have lived in apartments that have had ceiling fans. Since I live in Texas where the weather changes every minute I feel they are kinda needed. I currently live in an apartment that doesn’t have ceiling fans. It doesn’t bother me too much because we also don’t have carpet, have hardwood floors so it’s much cooler. But I love these pictures here outlined in detail and we will get one of these in the next few weeks, thanks again

  2. Your article is great so It inspired me to share one of my experiences with ceiling fans! Once I was cleaning a ceiling fan and my mom came to the rescue and told me how to use a ceiling fan correctly. I admit, before she came over with her supplies, I would get up on the chair in order to clean the blades of the ceiling fan because it seemed easier than climbing onto anything else. However, when she handed me her long pole-like stick with a brush attached at one end as well as some cleaning solution, I was completely shocked and had no idea what she was talking about. She showed me how you can’t really reach things higher than your own head while standing on a chair but have better control from ground level which is why these poles are so helpful! This was when I was very young and my mom had my back. Anyway, we used the Hampton bay 42 inch ceiling fan and it has worked a treat with no complaints whatsoever – a great quality celling fan in my opinion

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