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Greetings once more and welcome to this detailed review for the best blenders which are available across the marketplace and which can be delivered to your home hassle free. Our focus here will be to outline the top 15 across 3 different channels so that you can easily decide which model will best suit your own individual requirements.

Blenders are mostly used in kitchens for many different purposes like pureeing, mixing, or blending of food and many other products. In a stationary type blender blades are connected at the bottom of a blender which is rotated by an electric motor present in the base of the blender and the shaft is connected with this motor, which helps in rotating the blade present at the bottom and this arrangement can be used with any container.

Overview on Blenders…

Blenders mainly consist of housing, a blade, a jar, gasket or seal ring, jar base or jar nut and a lid. A blade is connected with this motor with the help of a small output shaft, which helps in the rotation of the blade inside a blender. A rubber washer is wrapped around the output shaft and acts as a seal or gasket to prevent the liquid leakage so that it cannot enter into the motor which can cause damage. Today, most of blenders can be operated at different modes of speeds and when the motor of the blender is activated, it rotates the shaft at a very high speed; as a result, the blades also spin at the same speed. Due to this fast motion of blades liquid form a vortex inside the blender jar. The force of the motion of blades creates the whirlpool and due to this created whirlpool, solid materials are dragged down towards the blades because of their size and weight and as a result they are sliced up by blades into very fine particles and form a homogenous mixture and are re-circulated throughout the liquid. The motor of the modern blenders can also be used in pulses and the advantage of using the motor in pulses is that it keeps the solid particles falling down around the blades. The pulsating mode and different speeds of a motor result in more comprehensive blending, so that more uniform material can be formed by the blender.

Points to consider before you buy your Blender…

Considerations: The preparation of food can be made more efficient in the kitchen with an efficient blender; it helps to save lot of precious time in daily life. Once you start using it, you become used to it more often for various uses. Now with lot of types of blenders with different functions are available in a market, the buying of a suitable kitchen blender is not a simple task. You have to take few considerations in mind to ensure your purchased machine meets your needs.
Power Level: Normally, the strength of the motor is associated with the power of the motor mean higher the power better is the motor. Therefore, consideringpower of the motor according to your use, before buying is an important factor before buying any blender. if you want to blend different sauces, dressings, and dessert mixes for regular daily use, the blender with 300 watts is sufficient for you. If you want to handle frozen fruit and ice or different type of nuts, 500 to 800 watts would be better.
Capacity: Capacity is another important factor - it does depend on your usage and how much quantity or servings do you need and regular you are going to blend. Blenders with the different jug capacity are available in market; it varies from single-serving blender (600mL) to a large size blender for family and friends serving (2L). Keep in mind that some jugs can be heavy to lift and move, especially when full.
Steadiness: Stability is very important factor because when blenders are in use they tend to vibrate or shake a bit during blending. That’s why it’s better to buy the blender with wide heavy base with non-slip grip; it will provide the stability and steadiness to the blender during the operation.
Control Panel: The controls of the blender play very important role which we often forget to consider during a selection of a blender. Most of the time foods which we are blending are thick and messy and often fall on the control panel and that can begin to accumulate around buttons and switches. A touch pad with proper seal are the best option and are very easy to clean than standard buttons. In this way, food can't enter into any gaps around them. Also consider whether you prefer the ability to vary the speeds or if you prefer pre-programmed options.
Warranty: Don’t compromise on the warranty of the manufacturer during the buying of your blender because it will give you consumer security – the longer the better and in this way you can return it back if it is not working properly or according to your own expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions from Buyers of Blenders:

Q: What exactly is a blender?
A: A blender is used to convert food ingredients into uniform homogenous liquid. It can also be used to crush ice and large quantities of nuts and can also be used to grind coffee.
Q: How do blenders work?
A: When a motor of the blender is switched on, it rotates the blades and as a result a vortex is created inside a blender jar. The liquid moves in a circular motion in a jar and due to created vortex ingredients are forced in and out towards the blade and it results in a uniform mixture of liquid.
Q: How do you get the best results from a blender?
A: By using a pulse function of the motor, better results can be obtained for the processing of the food.
Q: Can hot ingredients be processed?
A: Hot ingredients should be cool down to room temperature before processing.
Q: What is a pulse function?
A: The pulse button in any machine is used when power is needed in a short interval of time at optimum speed as over-processing of the food can be avoided in this way.

Best Blenders Reviewed – 15 Models across 3 channels

1, The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender & Chopper


  • First on the list is the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender and Chopper with 700w of power which actually acts as 2 appliances in one giving you more options to do whatever you need to do around your kitchen.
  • There is the 5 cup jar and also 12 different blend functions, the blades are made from stainless steel and is perfect for the likes of salsa, nuts, sauces, vegetables and many more ingredients.
  • In addition, there is a 3 cup chopping bowl and has the pulse function along with 2 speeds. Please note also that the blades and bowls are all dishwasher safe so pop them all in once you are done.
  • In terms of warranty, you get one year and the price when last viewed at Wayfair was in the $30 to $60 region and can be checked below.


2, The CuisinArt SmartPower Duet Blender Food Processor


  • This blender under the CuisinArt brand is another big favorite among many kitchens and again is 2 appliances in one - duet blender/ food processor – a combination of a 7 speed blender and a reliable food processor.
  • If you buy, you can expect great performance in terms of stirring, mixing, blending and puree and ice can also be crushed at whatever setting you want. It will give you frozen drinks, salsas, soups or even food for you baby if needed.
  • This model also has a reversible shredding disc and a large feed tube for different types of vegetables, cheeses or fruits.
  • The capacity for this model is 48 Oz, includes the pulse function and operates with 500w of power.
  • Size wise, it comes in at 16.25'' H by 6.9'' W by 8'' D and it weighs only 9 Ibs. There is also a 3 year warranty available via Wayfair and the price can range anywhere from $60 up as far as $165 depending on the level of discounts given out at any given time.


3, The Nutri Bullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixer System


  • The Nutri Bullet System is one of the best the product available in the market which is capable of make healthy and nutritious drinks.
  • This device is portable you can take it with you anywhere, easy to use, and is safe for kids because of perfectly designed control system. It can effortlessly pulverize fruits, vegetables, and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth homogeneous mixture.
  • It has a 600-watt motor with cyclonic action and the patented extractor blades. The package includes a power base with 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with different recipes.
  • The best thing about Nutri Blast is that food can be prepared with in seconds and it also take few seconds for cleaning. So, it is one of the best choices available in the market for instantly making smoothies, juices and other food drinks according to the customer reviews.

4, The Mainstays 6 Speed Blender (Black 1.6L)


  • This blender from Mainstays is probably not the best in terms of functionality but has enough positive customer reviews and a really low attractive price which is certainly worth taking a look at.
  • It includes 6 different speed levels and also the pulse function and can make various types of smoothies, salad dressings, salsas and many more.
  • In addition, it can be quickly popped into the dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe, there is a useful cord storage and it operates off 350W power.
  • The overall size is 7.48L by 6.7W by 15.35H in inches and has a capacity of 1.5 litres and when last checked it was on sale with Walmart for less than $15 which is perfect if you need to work on a tight budget.


5, The Magic Bullet 11 Piece Set - Blender & Food Processor


  • Another really popular blender option is the Magic Bullet 11 piece blender and food processor set which has the ability to make smoothies, cold milkshakes, sauces, salsas in a matter of seconds
  • The size is quite small so will not take up that much space on you counter top and comes in only at  4.5L by 4.5W by 11H in inches.
  • You can chop, mix, grind, blend or grate all with the one machine and has the tall cup with lip ring seals which are ideal in particular for smoothies.
  • A little bonus also is that a recipe book is also included if you buy and will perform most tasks in 10 seconds or less. This is a seriously popular blender option and the specially designed blade with the unique bullet shape will give excellent results every time
  • It operates off 250W of power, there are 3 cups (short / party / tall) and operates with 3 speed settings
  • In terms of value and price, it can be bought for around the $30 to $50 region which is excellent for the quality of the equipment you get.


6, The Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)


  • Another extremely popular model is the Ninja Professional blender reference number BL610 and this product has a prefect design with outstanding performance for the soft drinks, smoothies and fruit juices lovers.
  • It has one of the strongest and professional motor which uses 1000 watts of power.
  • With the extra-large 2 L. professional blender jar the whole family and friends can enjoyfresh juices, drinks and smoothies for.
  • All parts are BPA free, easy to clean with touch pad system and safe. With new innovative total crushing technology total professional power is used by blades which cancrush and pulverize the ice, frozen fruits and vegetables with in seconds into uniform liquid so this model is definitely worth checking out also.


7, The KitchenAid 3 Speed Immersion 5 Piece Blender Set (KHB2351)


  • This particular blender from KitchenAid has a 5-piece blender set and 3 speeds whoch makes your overall blending experience more productive and efficient and one key point to note is that it is made in the USA.
  • Included here in the set is the 3-cup blending jar, a whisk, 2.5 cup chopper attachment, the blender arm and a storage bag for all the various attachments. It is also BPA free and dishwasher safe which is worth pointing out.
  • In terms of capability, this model can puree, crush ice, chop, self-clean, make smoothies or juices and blend and the 3-cup jar has measurement markers.
  • It also operates off 200W of power, the size is 15.8'' H x 2.3'' W x 2.3'' D in inches and weighs just 4 Ibs.
  • Included here is a 1-year warranty with Wayfair and the price typically can vary from $40 up as far as $80 depending on discount activities.


8, The Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (Silver- BL456)


  • The Nutri Ninja Pro blender is another very popular model to look at and is known for its ability to extract nutrients and vitamins from your food and operates at a powerful power rate of 900W.
  • It can work on many different types of ingredients such as vegetables, stems, crushed ice, seeds, fruits and many more so you get a nutrient rich drink whenever you need a boost.
  • The Nutri Ninja cups are BPA free and an added bonus here if you buy is also a 75-recipe guide to give you extra ideas or inspiration to get the most out of your appliance.
  • Included also is a small 18 oz. cup and a regular 24 oz. with the lids which are sip and seal.
  • This model weigh approx. 8 Ibs, the size is only 6 by 6 by 14 inches, it is dishwasher friendly and the price compares very well and is certainly worth taking a look at.


9, The Oster VERSA Performance 1400W Home Blender


  • The Oster Versa is a very strong blending machine and it operates at a 1,400 Watts which is very economical in this price range. The control panel is equipped with different mode speed operation dials and also has a pre-programmed button for processing food automatically. These types of countertop blenders are perfect for making smoothies without grit, even green smoothies with Kale and Spinach.
  • It has a unique stainless-steel blade with 6-very sharp points and it rotate at the speed of 28,000 RPM to cut, crush, puree and blend your food constituents comprehensively.
    It also has a 64 ounce BPA free blending jar made of plastic for processing of different food ingredients which is a perfect size for family meals and entertaining. The lid has an opening to add the food ingredients during processing. Lots of house hold appliances like ice choppers, food processors, smoothie makers, or handheld mixers can easily be replaced with 1 type of blender as it is very versatile and has a wide range of applications.
  • Oster is a trusted brand of appliances that goes back over 100 years and this blender offers great value and has a warranty of 7 years.

10, The Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Attachment


  • Another blender from Ninja, the professional blender with the single serve attachment gives you a 72-oz. pitcher with 6 blades, 16 oz. singles cups x 2 and lids x 2.
  • The parts here are dishwasher friendly which makes your cleaning job a hell of lot easier and this model can work on all various types of ingredients including ice for smoothies or frozen juices.
  • In addition, the pulse setting is included and has 3 speed settings and can crush, juice, self clean, whip or blend whenever you need it.
  • Furthermore, the level of power it works off is 1100W, there is a 1 year warranty via Wayfair and the price bracket can be anywhere from $100 up as far as $350

11, The Ninja Fit Blender 16 Oz. (QB3000SS)


  • This blender from Ninja has a capacity of 16 oz., it includes the pulse setting for maximum efficiency and works off a power of 700W.
  • Again, the focus here really is on nutrient extraction from your ingredients be it nuts, vegetables or fruits and you can also get inspiration from the 30 recipe book guide which is included if you buy.
  • It is perfect also for crushing ice, frozen fruit etc for smoothie preparations or ice cold drinks to be enjoyed.
  • As standard, the 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups are included (2) and the sip and seal lids x 2 so you can enjoy it on the move or on the go and there are 3 different speed settings.
  • In terms of price, there is good value available also and when last checked, it was available for sale around the $50 region at Walmart.


12, The Blendtec Total Classic Home Blender – 4 Side Jar


  • The Blendtec Total Classic is a high power viable features blending machine with 1,560 Watts and a 3 HP Motor.
  • Its blade is made up of stainless-steel and due to the heavy motor it can turn at up to 29,000 rpm, which is enough force to crush any type of frozen fruits and ice cubes without any problem. It has a special blending jar with 64 ounce volume which is enough for multi serving.
  • This blending jar is made up of special material called Triton Polyester Plastic and is known as the FourSide Jar. It is BPA free jar which is easy to clean and another important feature included is the modern 10 speeds operation and Pre-programmed buttons. These pre-programmed functions are for the easy making of different recipes for smoothies, milkshakes, sauces, dips, and many more.
  • The LCD display is also present in this blender with a countdown timer while blending and a great 7 year long limited warranty is available from the manufacturer.

13, The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender in Brushed Metal


  • This blender which is made in the USA from Vitamix is a professional series 750 is actually made from plastic and has a metal finish and has the ability to make various types of smoothies, cold drinks, puree, sauces, frozen desserts, soups and many more.
  • The motor here is very quiet with its commercial grade 2.2 peak horsepower motor, there are 5 pre-programmed different settings and the pulse function for quick and easy action and the speed controls are changeable.
  • If a low level of noise is what you are after, then this model is definitely something you should look closer at and in addition there is the 64 oz. low profile container and it can be used also to grind dried herbal roots.
  • This blender is also self-cleaning and has the pulse function, it works off a power of 1200W and has the 5 program settings for quick and easy use.
  • In terms of size, it comes in at 17.4'' H by 7.7'' W by 9.4'' D, there is a 7-year warranty which gives you confidence when you buy but do expect to pay a lot more for this premium blender as it will set you back $500 and possibly more which can be viewed below.


14, The Mainstays Personal Blender


  • Another popular blender that is worth mentioning particularly if you need to work off a really low budget is the Mainstays Personal Blender and is ideal really for single servings only.
  • It doesn’t come will all the bells and whistles that are associated to many other models but can still perform as needed to make single serve smoothies and cold drinks. The jar (BPA free) is 15 oz. and includes a travel lid which is great if you need to consume it on the go.
  • It works also from 220W power, it is dishwasher safe, the blade is made from stainless steel and it has the easy one touch operation for added convenience.
  • So, if it is a bargain or a really low price option that you are after for single servings, then take a closer look below as when I last checked, it was available for sale with Walmart for less than $10 but please double check it below.


15, The KitchenAid 10 Piece 5 Speed Hand Blender Set


  • The last model on this list is the KitchenAid 10 piece hand blender set which has 5 speed levels for you to choose from and has the 8 inch removable blending arm with bell blades that are changeable.
  • There is the soft grip handle to work with, the whisk attachment which is great for egg whites, mayonnaises and creams.
  • The blender capacity is 20 oz. and it can crush ice easily, self clean, make juices, smoothies, purees  - whatever takes your fancy and operates with a power of 200W.
  • It has the patented pan guard and blade covers, 2 ½ cup BPA free chopper attachment and weighs less than 4 Ibs.
  • The dimensions are 20.8'' H by 2.375'' W by 2.375'' D, it is dishwasher safe and a 1 year warranty is available at Wayfair. Price range is reasonable also and when last checked it came in around the $70 to $130 region again depending on discount or promotional activities

Further stock options can also be compared further if you wish by clicking on any of your preferred images below…

Finally, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with your own favorite Blenders with the community by leaving a comment in the comment section below- so that other people in the community can learn also!

Finally, I hope this list for the Best Blenders has helped you out and best of luck with your final decision.



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  1. Hi Paul, this is exactly what I was looking for – Right now I just have the basic “Walmart” brand blender, and really want to vamp things up! I really enjoy that you have given so much information on each item. It really helps narrow down the search! Thanks again!

    • No problem. You are more than welcome and I’m delighted it has helped you to narrow down you search – best of luck with your final decision!

  2. Thanks for this review insight for Blenders as I have been undecided for the past week which one to get. Some of these are really top notch, CuisinArt, Hamilton beach or the Ninja professional are the models which I prefer across this list but I also really like the Vitamix further down the list – my favorites are down to these 4 brands anyway – hope to make a decision tomorrow or the weekend. Thanks for the review post as it has certainly made my decision making a hell of a lot easier!

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