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Greetings once again to you and I would like to you welcome you to this review on the Best Beverage Refrigerators which are available to order online at present and get delivered to your home hassle free. Whether it’s the ending of a long workday or at the start of a great night with friends, nothing can beat a perfect sip of your most wanted drink. Simultaneously, there’s nothing more disappointing than cracking a can of your favourite beverage only to find that it’s too warm or chilly for you.

The beverage refrigerator keeps the beverages, cans, bottled water cold to the best of their ability - Each refrigerator has a different capability of storing drinking items. The beverage refrigerators are generally small in size and can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. You can get awesome pleasure and cooling effects from the chill drinks anytime any time you need it and the cooling ability is as equal as to the standard refrigerators that are used in kitchens. The other positive point of beverage refrigerator is that it works silently, that’s the motive people need also to be comfortable to put it in their own bedrooms. There are number of beverage refrigerators available by many manufacturers that work on various technologies, offer different features, and available at different prices.

You just have to purchase one that meets all your requirements and in this review, I will outline 8 options to you which will not disappoint you, firstly though as promised – some beneficial tips…

Beneficial Tips to consider before you buy a Beverage Refrigerator:

For drinking cold drinks from your room beverages refrigerator is always fantastic experience. Before you are going to buy a new beverages refrigerator, keep in mind the following useful tips:

Prices: Drinking cooling appliances are available from about $100 for a solid mini-fridge style unit, to over $1,000 for a full-size unit with several partitions and several cooling systems.  As a common rule, the more you pay, the superior product you can expect. The most costly beverage coolers have specific features, digital temperature controls. They use double-layered glass doors and other insulations to keep all the cool air inside the cooler, and make the machine more efficient.
Sizes: Beverage coolers are available in a whole range of shapes and sizes. When you start making decisions about the size of beverage cooler you’ll be buying, think about two things: the amount of drinks you’re hoping to store, and the space you’re working with. The smallest options are countertop units which tend to store about 75-100 standard cans. They’re the easiest to fit in shared spaces like apartments and offices. While they don’t store the most cans, these units will probably suit a single person very well, and provide a reasonable range of options for roommates or officemates. You can also find any number of units which will either fit on countertops or on their own as smaller standalone models. The average beverage cooler in this class will store about 120 cans. These units are probably the best size to choose for the average office space where a number of people will be coming to the cooler for a drink, or for the typical family. If you’re storing beverages for others, whether it’s at your office or for a big family, you might want to think about a larger unit.
Temperatures: It is necessary to get some time to think about your exact preferences as far as temperature. You want to ensure your new model will cool your cans and bottles to your ideal temperature, so you come happy with all the drinks, whether you like your drinks below the room temperature, or just above the freezing point. For example, darker beers like ales like warmer temperatures, while lagers are best chilled right down. Most sodas are pretty hard to mess up, so you’ll want to think about exactly how you like it as opposed to what’s best for the drink.
Reliability: On the whole, beverage coolers aren’t exactly the most reliable appliances. These are bit hit or miss, and quality control isn’t very good for a lot of brands. That’s why it’s super important to buy a durable machine up front. You can also look for more metal parts, like shelves, hinges, and handles, to make sure your unit will stand up to daily use. Look for LED lights, which last much longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.
Compressor: The compressor system is the most central part of your beverage cooler. It’s also where most problems occur. To lessen your chances of running into issues, it is recommended letting your new cooler stand upright for a few hours before you plug it in.
Warranty: Even the best beverage coolers can have slightly reliability features at times, so it’s better purchasing some extra warranty coverage when you buy. While these extended warranties can be unnecessary for some other appliances, beverage refrigerator are one case where it really makes sense to have some extra insurance. Most of models have 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, which isn’t very long.

Some Frequently Asked Questions that have come from buyers…

Q: What is the distinction between a standard refrigerator and beverage refrigerator?
A: A beverage refrigerator, also called as a beverage cooler, is smaller than a conventional refrigerator. Because of the minor size, the unit utilize less power which can save you money on your electrical bill. It is generally designed for holding cans and bottles. They are more stylized, often including stainless steel details and a glass door to display drinks. Not like regular refrigerators, most beverage coolers have adjustable chrome metal or glass shelves with holes for enhanced circulation of cold air.
Q: Is it possible to store drinks with two different temperature requirements?
A: Yes, some beverage refrigerators have dual-zone temperature control feature that permits two different temperature zones to be set within the same engine. Typically, they either have side by side or top and bottom compartments, and are an excellent way out for storing wine, which has a higher chilling point, along canned beverages.
Q: What are the differences between freestanding and built-in?
A: Built-in models have a vent in the face of the unit that drain the hot air out and away from the unit so they don’t need the amount of spacing around them like their freestanding counterparts.  This vent permits these units to be built in flush with cabinetry for a seamless and smooth look in any kitchen or bar.  Due to their more expensive design, built-in beverage refrigerators will usually be costlier than a freestanding model.  It’s significant to keep in mind the required location of your beverage refrigerator to ensure you buy the correct type of unit. A freestanding model is designed to stand alone, while a built-in unit is designed to be built directly into cabinetry. Freestanding units need 2-3 inches of space on the top and sides and 3-5 inches of space behind the unit to allow the heat from the compressor to disperse without overheating the unit.  A refrigerator becomes cold by displacing the heat from the inside of the unit to the environment outside of the refrigerator.  If there is not enough room surrounding a freestanding unit the heat that is trying to dissipate will be trapped around the unit and will make the compressor have to work harder to keep the unit cool.  This could cut down the lifespan of the compressor and therefore your refrigerator if proper space is not allotted.
Q: How do you clean & maintain a beverage refrigerator?
A: Beverage refrigerators will be either manual unfreeze or auto defrost. Auto unfreeze models heat the internal coils on a regular basis to melt away any frost or ice build-up. While this quality is suitable, it uses more power because heat is being introduced into a cool space. Physical defrost models must be un-plugged in order for build up to melt. The unit should be emptied through this process and it is recommended that you move it outside while defrosting to prevent water harm. It is also recommended that you dust any exposed coils on the back of the unit every 6 months to keep your unit running economically.
Q: Are they noisy while running?
A: The noise level is similar to a full-size refrigerator. The compressor can produce a humming sound, but should not be disrupting to the surrounding areas.

Review of Best Beverage Refrigerators- 8 models (in no particular order)

1, The Danby 120 Can Beverage Center with Stainless Steel (DBC120BLS)

Overview of Features:

  • This Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS model is a #1 bestselling beverage Refrigerators in the market nowadays. It’s compact, efficient, and reasonably priced. You will like the detachable, adjustable shelves, as well as the very budget-friendly price tag.
  • In just 3.3 cubic feet, you can store 120 cans in Danby beverage Refrigerators. That’s some sober storage space effectiveness. It’s ideal for people who purchase their sodas, seltzers, or other canned beverages by the case, and don’t like refilling on a usual basis. The handle is recessed, and there isn’t any awkward projection to take up more of your space. It’s great for people who want their drinks cool, but not frosty. The mechanical thermostat cools from 43-57 degrees F.
  • That’s perfect for storing darker beers or ales, or soda like root or ginger beer. This is available for around a few hundred dollars. The wire racks give plenty of storage choices and much superior than plastic shelves. You can take away them as needed to suit bigger cans, or adjust the height using the grooved slots.
  • The inside light turns on automatically when you open the door, and shuts itself off again when the section is closed. It’s very suitable, and stops you having to remember to turn the light off.  
  • The tempered glass door is very durable, and it’s bordered with stainless steel to help stand up to daily use. It locks up, so you can keep your drinks protected. That’s useful for keeping drinks in an office or shared space, particularly when kids or opportunistic roommates are around!

2, The NewAir AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Cooler (34 Degrees)

Overview of Features:

  • NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler has the capability to store 126 cans at a time. Obviously, it’s a great ability and ideal for friends and family get together.
  • You will get absolutely cold beverages as it cools down up to 34 degrees F.
  • With seven manual temperature setting options, you can have the access to alter it according to the required level. It has 5 removable chrome racks that you can move or take out for the larger size bottles. The
  • NewAir AB-1200 Beverage Cooler is a sturdy refrigerator and available in a elegant look.
  • With its glass door, silver trim, blue LED lighting, and adaptable shelves, it looks and feels enormous.
  • However, the top shelf has a good five degrees warmer than the bottom.
  • One thing to note though, if the upper shelf is the right temperature, the lower cans could be too warm; if the bottom is just right, the top shelf might start to freeze so you need to monitor it from time to time

3, The Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series Compact Wine & Beverage Centre (Stainless Steel)

Overview of Features:

  • The Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series is undoubtedly, the best beer fridge you can purchase for your bedroom.
  • It's a beverage center, which means it's designed particularly to store cans and bottles. It has 2.2 cubic feet capacity roughly half the size of some other models in this list. It is the smallest unit, but clever layout means it can store as much beer as the larger fridges with up to 86 cans.
  • On the down side, It is estimated it will utilize about $18 of electricity annually. That's far more than most mini fridges, which use between $2-5, but it’s worth the small added expense.
  • Steady temperatures from top to bottom mean you can trust the fridge to take care of even the most responsive brew, which makes it one of the expensive units.
  • However, with its shiny glass door design, easy to use controls, and variable shelving, it's certainly money well spent.


4, The Whynter Beverage Refrigerator with Lock -120 Can (BR-128WS)

Overview of Features:

  • The Whynter is a little advanced over the Danby in terms of both power and consistency. It cools the drinks down into the 30 F, and has a fan system to keep the whole case at the same temperature.
  • The white finish for matching more conventional kitchen machine. This one’s a enormous option for people who like their beverages nice and crunchy, well less than room temp.
  • That’s perfect for people who like their drinks a bit chillier. It has an inside fan system to maintain smooth temperatures throughout the unit.
  • The fan system ensures all your cans are the just right temperature. It has variable and detachable shelves. This model is further reliable than the Danby. The light bulb is an LED for better longevity. It has lock, and comes with two keys.
  • One thing to note though, it has higher noise level because of the internal fan system which produces a constant hum, even when the compressor isn’t cycling.

5, The EdgeStar 103 Can and 5 Bottle Freestanding Ultra Low Temp Beverage Cooler (BWC120SSLT)

Overview of features:

  • The EdgeStar BWC120SSLT is perhaps the most simple and easy beverage cooler which proved to be absolutely sufficient for your bedroom.
  • On the outside, you will like the silver trim all around the glass door, as well as the LED internal lighting.
  • The door lock is also a nice touch. Considering its adequate performance and a high price, however, it doesn’t appear to offer any concrete benefit over the Wine Enthusiast model, particularly if you are a fan of cans.
  • The temperature cooling range is 32F and has the capacity to hold 130 cans and 5 bottles
  • In addition, the lower ultra-temperature available with this model can all keep your beverages much cooler

6, The Danby 3.3-cu ft Beverage Center -128 cans

Overview of Features:

  • First off, as the title states, the size of this unit is 3.3 cubic feet and it has a capacity to hold 128 cans for you
  • There is the stainless steel rim and the glass door is toughened and tempered as one would expect. Size wise, it is very manageable and measures roughly 19.8 by 18 by 33.5 inches.
  • Included for you are the 3.5 wire shelves, the door is reversible and has a lock and key to protect its contents
  • Pricewise, it is not the cheapest and I have seen it for sale with Walmart for less than $300
  • This unit can be used for both residential or commercial purposes and it is resistant to corrosion.
  • The warranty available to you here is 1 year.


7, The Newair Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler – 84 can (AB-850 84)

Overview of Features:

  • This is available at a lower price to the Danby model above and can be bought in the price region $200 to $230 when I last saw it for sale.
  • It is smaller also and has the capacity to hold a lower quantity of 84 cans which justifies the lower price tag.
  • There is the compressor cooling system included and the range is 34 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • For cleaning, the racks can be removed easily, the racks are made from durable steel and the overall dimensions are 25.2"H by 18.5"W by 17"D in inches and weighs less than 50 Ibs
  • In terms of space, it 2.2 cubic square feet and it has an attractive appearance that can fit in nicely to your own personal settings and includes LED lighting for a better view to showcase your beverages


8, The Kalamera Convertible Beverage Center (14.96-inch 1.9 cu. Ft)

Overview of Features:

  • First off, this is a reliable, convertible center for beverages that has a built in touch control that can be used in any room you desire or under your bar or entertainment room.
  • Price wise – you will be paying a lot more and I have seen it for sale with Wayfair for around the $450 mark but is certainly worth taking a look at due to the additional features it has to offer.
  • You get the built in touch control, a really quiet compressor (whisper quiet), a more attractive design with stainless steel, soft LED lighting, transparent glass and a double door.
  • For cleaning, the racks can be removed easily- 6 in total, it has a reversible door and the temperature range is from 38 to 50-degree Fahrenheit and it weighs approx. 72 Ibs
  • In term of size, it comes in at 22.4" by 14.9" by 33.9” in inches and has the capacity for 96 cans
  • It works off 110V, the temperature is adjustable and most importantly you get a longer parts warranty of 3 years which is longer than the models outlined above.


Alternatively, if you wish to view stock levels instead- then click on any of the model images provided below to read more…

On a final note, having a beverage refrigerator in your kitchen, office, or home bar provides you access to a supply of your preferred drinks whenever you need them. With particular temperature control, you can obtain them just how you like them. However, many coolers have untrustworthy cooling systems, or cool irregularly, so they can put some cans at room temperature, while others are close to freezing. With numerous options on the market, it can be tough to know which models are the best. That’s where above list comes in, it will provide you with the most reliable, efficient beverage refrigerator available today.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you can share your own personal experiences with Beverage Refrigerators with the community by leaving a comment in the comment box below – So that other people in the community can learn also!

Finally, I hope this review, tips and FAQ on the best Beverage Refrigerators has helped you out and happy drinking (sensibly!)



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